RO is back up!

I know I did not remember everybody but this is a start :cool:

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I don’t know why some appear as links and others do not, maybe a typo in the username?


Thanks, RET!


WELLLLL Hello!!! glad to see this site!!! So who is running the show???

You’re welcome and good catch with freedomnut!

Hopefully everybody who pops in will add those who are missing from the list?

The inmates have always run this asylum!
And welcome back :slight_smile:

Send out a Mass e-mail,letting members know the forum is back on. But that requires the Administrator to do that.

That is why I used the notification link, but [MENTION=10090]WhoIsJohnGalt[/MENTION] could probably hit everybody with a couple clicks (hint hint)

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Hope the old crowd shows up, REALLy enjoyed the discussions…


Thanks RET!!!



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Well, hello, everyone. I missed a whole bunch of you!


Set’um up bar keep the old crowd is back, drinks for everyone, I’ll pick up the first round…


I’ll have me an ice cold Coke with a little lime on the rocks!

Good to see you all here again! Didn’t think it would ever get up again! I’ve notified the people I know, but most of them are already on the list up there. I hope to see Susanna & Mike around here soon.


I’m here! I posted yesterday. I don’t know if Mom’s tried RO again or not.


Just on a lark I clicked on the site link today since it’s on my favourite page in Chrome. Good to see you guys back up, so much to catch up on now with Trump running the show and the GOP in a dominant position in America in such a broad level of popularity.

I really missed this place on election night in particular, was almost going through withdrawal not being able to share in the excitement and unexpected results of November 8th, probably refreshed this place 100 times waiting and hoping to see all the posts and exclamation marks, lol. I really couldn’t believe the results, but even moreso the reaction from the prognosticators and media! Had to settle for watching the reactions and meltdowns for the few nights after by the alt-left, It was maybe the worst few days of the alt-left’s lives.

Anyways, hello again. Hopefully we can slowly get back to where we were pre election!

P.S The man who never lost faith, Tiny1 deserves a special mention. He was way ahead of the curve and never seemed to doubt the outcome where many of us (myself included) had much greater doubt in his ability to win. Tiny1 caught my ear not onyl with his passion but how he was seeing the anger in the electorate, where someone like myself removed from it in Canada would not.

As it were, Trump has shown himself to have a very strong Conservative foundation, while he himself is reinventing the party and Conservative ideology to better reflect the challenges facing the West in 2017. An exciting and unpredictable time in politics. Which from what I can tell is precisely the way Trump likes the landscape to be :slight_smile:


I’m back. I hope I won’t get banned as fast as I did at CF.


Canadian Football?

ConservativesForum, link.

They use a horrible forum software.

I looked at that place a while back,decided that it wasn’t worth it,as the format is crappy. Went to THISinstead,but barely post there,even though I joined two years ago.

I know what you mean! When I couldn’t get on RO on election night and the days afterward, I was going through a meltdown wanting to scream and shout about the election outcome. Since I am the only conservative in my family I felt like I was going to explode if I couldn’t share my ecstasy! So glad it’s back!