RO is back up!


Thanks to an email from CT, I am back.

BTW, I’m sure the Russians were the ones that hacked RO (~grin~).


It was the Clinton Campaign


It was the Klinton Klan. But, they blamed it on the Russians and then they claimed the Russians used it to help Trump win. LOL!!


CT; you could have pm’d me or Emailed me. I was lonely (except for Sally) and no one to exalt with.


To be specific I believe I was banned from CF by saying I was “starting to warm up to Trump” or words to that effect. They said the site was only for “total conservatives.” That’s a problem since I am a liberal Democrat.


Ah-h-h-h … You remembered me!!!


Thank You



Yeah, I could have. Sorry. Some things going on which required my attention. And, my brain has lost a lot of sense and memory…


I know. I was there for awhile. It was a crappy forum, too. I mean the structure of it. Plus, it seemed like they only wanted people who believed the same as they did. That’s when I was told about Political Forum. I think it’s a great forum and it has the same structure as RO. But, PF has a lot of EXTREME people. Lots of JW, Anti-Semites, and whacky liberals. So, there is only so much one can do there without getting totally jumped on by one group or another. But, I still use it because there are a lot of really great people over there.


Then tell them to come over here…


But only if they think just like we do :wink:


We missed you too!
(Well, I did!)

Heck, I missed Everyone!

I even missed our lefties.
Our lefties are far superior to any other leftists that I had to ‘suffer’ through on those other forums! :beerchug:



Interesting! I had found a forum called Political Forum and made a couple of posts but was not overly thrilled with the group. For me it went Code 404 just a couple of days before RO showed up as being back. Just checked the PF that I had located is still showing the Code 404.


There are two forums at play here, - Forum for US and Intl Politics and The Politics Forums. Which is it?


I tried the Politics Forum. Didn’t like the layout or the membership that much.


Hi, ho everybody! Just got a notification from FC’s post in the random thought thread!Guess I’m still subscribed to that one :smiley: Anyways, good to see everybody.


I checked the two offered suggestions and found that the first of the two had the same logo header and my screen name and the password I used at PF did work so that must be the one. There is a notice there that reads “PF has switched to Xenforo” but the old URL still has the 404 notice with no forwarding addy. Oh well, who cares?


The one I was at was “Politics Forum”. It was ok, except lots of controversial people.


Hi! Made it … I took a vacation from politics for a bit.

Good to see everyone and RO back!