RO is back up!


Yeah, me too!


Frankly, I was surprised several months ago when the site, a site with plenty of participants, went dark without warning or explanation. So, I must ask, what the hell happened and why? BTW - nice to see many of the old hands are here.


Frankly, I had given up on this site. I have no idea why it shut down. At first I tried to open the site - tried every now and again for a couple of months, then gave up - figured the site was down for good. Today, out of curiosity, I decided to try one last time. Bingo - the site is back up and apparently has been for a while. I’m surprised and disappointed the administrator made no effort to notify many of those of us who routinely posted on the site. Good to see many old names found their way back. Anyone know why the site shut down?


Actually, as can be seen from the first post in this thread, RET used a forum feature back on 3/10 that should have sent you an email that would have let you know RO is back up. Evidently, either it’s in your email junk/spam folder, or you no longer use the email address with which you registered.

The Readers’ Digest version is that RO’s owner-Admin got SW notification that RO was being hacked into, and he shut it down before the hacker(s) got very far. Once he had it cleaned up, he didn’t reopen RO because he didn’t think he could defend RO properly. That’s what he told me in an email last November. Then, suddenly in early March RO was reopened. JG hasn’t logged in since 3/12, so that’s about as much as I know about RO being reopened.


Thanks, Pete. I never saw the email. Thanks for the info. IMO, the administrator should have notified the site’s participants - it was nice of RET to make the attempt, but unless RET is the administrator, notification should not have fallen to him to do.


Glad you found your way back, Mike! I’m going to PM my email address to you so that if there ever is another incident like this, I can at least inform you personally.


Good to see you back.

As for the site, well I feel we are living on borrowed time as the owner has near zero involvement, doesn’t log on and in not in communication with anyone. So if it goes down he is so out of the loop he won’t know and when or if he finds out I am afraid his priority is a minus.

What we have here is a cadre of very good people. I would be willing to lead a team effort to acquire this site or the rights to it, I already own vBulletin and in fact I think its the same version as this one.

Glad your back, your contributions are always welcomed…


I offered to buy the site while it was down but there was no interest in selling it at that time, I assumed that meant WIJG still had plans even if he is not logging in to the front end much these days.


Even a small positive cash flow is positive cash flow…


It’s good to see RET, q, CT, RWNJ, and 170, among others are still around. It was a good site - always interesting, often quite informative. Didn’t realize the site was on the raged edge - too bad. I will stop by from time to time, but to be honest I think I’ve been happier not coming on the site. Posting about all the crap day-in-day-out is possibly cathartic, but over the long run probably not healthy

As a side note - I was at Stanford throughout the '60s and had a close up view of how crazy things had become across the entire political spectrum (erupting in the Bay Area and spreading across the nation - the level of unrest/hostility was palpable. IMHO, in certain respects it is far worse now than it was then. The unrest/hostility is more pervasive now, with even media joining in. Liberals/Dems/Progressives may not have congress or the White House, but Repubs seem loathe to focus and organize in an effort to effectively push back against what amounts to “the tyranny of the minority” in congress.

Repubs are so afraid of being blamed for a so-called government shutdown (which is a misnomer; a fiction - the government does not really shutdown in any real sense) they are afraid to construct a truly meaningful overhaul of medical insurance services. They have decided to push a half-assed “reform bill” that meets the requirements of reconciliation - only 51 Senate votes needed for passage instead of 60 - because they know 8 Dems won’t join in to actually provide a bill that is truly worthwhile. As I stated 4 years ago, once Obamacare is in place during a second Obama term, it will be with us from now on - in one form or another. IMO the single-payer, tax-funded, government run system of healthcare is no more than a decade away, if that.

Maybe the Repubs will be able to get a watered-down tax bill through congress. If it happens it is unlikely to be soon.

Few Republicans (with the exception of Trump) have political balls and few Dems have any scruples. What the Dems do have is a virtual lock on media coverage/messaging and our education system.

Trump is doing well in foreign policy - IMO. I think if there is any way to Keep North Korea from developing a nuke delivery system - and that’s a big IF, short of blowing the bastards up - Trump will find it. North Korea and the Iran deal show just how utterly feckless/bankrupt and absurd the Obama BS of “strategic patience” really was and how much damage it did during his 8 years in office.

Oh well, the beat goes on.


Mike, I think a lot of us kinda burned out on the politics… I know I did.


Cannot agree more…

I to was in college in the 60’s and saw what was going on. Certainly I was appalled abut all in all it was mostly civil, ableit we have some hippie and his buddies come into our ROTC building and took a crap on our Captain’s desk as he sat there. The Capt, looked at him as he jumped off the desk and said, as he pointed at the steaming pile, ‘is that yours, if so take it with you when you go’…he then picked up with his hand and came around the desk, the hipster fell over his own pants as he was trying to get them up and get the hell out.

Anyhow it was a story long told and I do not remember of anyone other than ROTC coming down into our offices again after than.

Yes today those silly stoner antics are not being played out, but rather it turned into a hate filled and very dangerous America.

Yes, I think we can expect a single payer (US GOT) universal healthcare system in the very near future. Certainly the lessons we should be learning from the current single payer US GOVT system (VA) should be a warning to all but alas not the case, instead the people will embrace it as if its mana from heaven until the too late reality sets in. For just an insight: My eye exam for Agent Orange induced diabetes is now 3 years over due and my formal written request for and eye exam was replied to with this statement: “Request denied, if you are having vision issue, then go the the emergency room at the Audi Murphy VA Hospital in San Antonio, Tx.” [WTH can they do at the emergency room???]

As much as I want Trump to be a success, the reality is the Dims are and will pull out ALL STOPS to flip the apple cart of success. Worse, the Dims have discovered that the 9th Circuit is a hot bed of far left, make law from the bench and ignore the USC in the process. Already we have seen 2 EO actions well within the parameters of POTUS brought to a halt by some 2 bit low level Obama appointed judge…we have in fact encountered a real Constitutional Crises and the I would have wanted to be a fly on the wall when Trump was advised!!! We CANNOT allow some judge to bring America to its knees, ever again: WHAT IF? Japs attack Pearl, POTUS declares war, 9th Circuit says NO and stops it, till it all gets sorted out at SCOTUS. The ramifications are CATASTROPHIC for America. IMO, Trump should have taken action anyhow to force the issue.

My bet is Trump is a one term POTUS. The illegal vote will put the next Dim in office!


Trumps most effective enemy is not the Democrats, it’s the GOP; they have been engaging in war against Conservatism for decades while blaming the Democrats and they are showing no signs of stopping.

They will give Trump all the Leftist agenda items he asks for but his Conservative ideas will all be DOA.


I’m back, too. Not sure how much I’ll have to say, as I have kind of given up on the process. There were so many better candidates, but we are where we are.


Well, hopefully we’ll get two SCOTUS justices that aren’t out right communists, like Hildebeast would have given us.


Given the rumors that Kennedy might step down and RBG’s health, it’s not implausible that Trump could get two more USSC picks. And it looks like his track record of solid judicial nominees will continue.


IMHO - For several reasons Trump is not and will not drain the swamp, it appears more likely he will drown in it.

In addition to fighting the “Resistance” at literally every turn- aka: Democrats - Trump is in the process of being victimized by members of his own party, many of whom are from “purple” districts/states and who will be up for reelection in 2018. Unfortunately, many of these Republicans are willing to compromise principle in favor of the perceived enhancement of their personal prospects for reelection.

Bi-partisanship has been completely dead for over 20 years. Unfortunately, the most influential Republicans over that period - the McCain’s, McConnell’s, Boehner’s, Bush’s - have failed to recognize that fact. Thus McConnell comes out a few days ago stating he will refuse a Senate rule change allowing a simple majority to pass legislation in that body. While I fully recognize there can be future shortcomings of reverting to a simple majority - yes reverting, as it was not always a 60 vote proposition in the Senate - without simple majority rule in the Senate it will be impossible to pass legislation in Congress that brings market forces to bear on the cost/delivery of health care/insurance rates and deductibles; it will be impossible to reform the tax structure/rates in this country in a way that will have the level of positive impact necessary for economic growth we so desperately need.

It is impossible for me to be optimistic given the incessant level of vitriol and outright hatred toward conservatives demonstrated daily on the part of two of our most critical institutions - media and education.

While Trump is correct on most issues, he is a very flawed individual who, by way of his own piss-poor messaging, provides a target rich environment for his detractors. As is often the case with leaders - their strength is also their weakness. So it is with Trump: He is not a politician, a strength. Many/most people have had it up the anus with politicians. His weakness: He is not a politician and often states some of the most remarkably ignorant, poorly thought out verbiage I have ever heard.

I think it very likely that what we get out of his presidency is the selection of probably 2 Supremes - one of which is already seated. I think we also get a MUCH MORE realistic foreign policy. I hope for more, but I’m inclined to doubt we will realize much legislatively given the 60 vote threshold in the Senate and a Democrat Party that refuses to enter into participatory governance with Republican members.

One parting thought: We have already seen the future of our health delivery system - single payer, government run health care. It is known as the Veterans Administration. There is nothing that will or can be done to stop it at this point - not with the makeup of the Senate and the fact people are loathe to give up a perceived entitlement (even one that isn’t working). Thank you Obama and the Democrats.


Mike you are spot on:

Draining the swamp: While POTUS appoints many folks across govt, few of them are anything other than mere figureheads. Most got there thru big donations or fund raising and few have the tools needs to assume the post, but below them is a layer of life long civil service workers at the GS/GM 12, 13, 14 level that head up the workers. They cannot be fired, and they do as they please, I watched it and them for many years in my time in Govt.

Let this give you some insight: Col Jones was the Director of a large org I worked in. He headed up about 400 employees and had a budget in the 100’s of millions. One crusty old GM 14, Mr Smith, who headed up a large chunk of Col Jones org, and they clashed quite often. One time it came to a head. Mr Smith worked across the room from me and in typical military fashion it was all open desks. Col Jones came storming in, visibly hot and he laid into Mr Smith. At first they argued, the Mr Smith shut up and mostly went about his business of shuffling papers, only making Col Jones even more angry. Finally after some time Col Jones asked Mr Smith what he had to say about it. Mr Smith looked up and stared at Col Jones and said: Col, I was sitting at this desk before you were assigned here, I was sitting at this desk when you were assigned here as a Major and I will be sitting at this desk when and IF you come back as a General.

Therein lies the problem: Just about the entire FEDERAL govt is composed of employees that belong to the strongest union in the US if not the world, they make big money, far more than Corp America wages, they come in at 8 and leave a 5 and DO NOT be in the doorway at 5 pm or you will be run over. They cannot be fired and even if they are they leave with full retirement and huge cash bonuses for early retirement. The minorities come and go as they see fit, they are “untouchable” and look at them wrong or fail to promote them and you will find yourself in front of the UNION explaining why. We had one in our office, her desk was next to mine and while we did not work together or even in the same section of the Directorate I saw and heard her every day. She was in most days by 10is, gone to lunch at 11 and would return by 2ish to be gone by 4, on the days she came in. Finally one day I asked her what does she do when she is gone so much of the time. She glared at me and said she was attending Black functions and meeting having to do with Black issues. The EEO office is run by and staffed by minorities and they make it their job to defend their brothers and sisters to the hilt. This is THE SWAMP and they are going NOWHERE!

That said, there are some that are honest, work hard, if the job goes past 5 they stay at till its done and rarely ask for anything. They are good people tying to do a good job, they are white, black and everything else. Sadly many of them succumb to the prevailing atmosphere of dishonesty and doing anything except your job.


I wish I could disagree with any of that… :confused:


I don’t believe anything in Dr. Mike’s post can be disputed. The only thing is that Trump, like the rest of us, is, indeed, flawed. But, he was the best flawed with which to choose.