RO Match Up Revival


Time to bring back a time honoured tradition of the site.

This quarter we have:
[]RightwingNutjob/Bigfoot 88
[/LIST]Past Champs include:
**1) NewC / Susanna (57.14%) * Landslide
2) RepublicanChick1 / SuddenImpact (46.15%)
3) Fantasy Chaser /Rightwing Nutjob (52.94%)
Blowout landslide
4) Reagan_Girl86 / RepublicanChick1 (33.33%) (1 vote margin)
5) Seravee / Blondie (53.33%) ***
6) Brett /Young Republican (66.67%) * Biggest landslide in Match up history!
7) Jewish Republican / SuddenImpact (41.67%)
8) OSUPhantom / Reagan_Girl86 (50.00%)
***9) SuddenImpact / Fantasy Chaser (40.00%)
10) ******J.Anderson/Jack Hectorman (27.27%)
11) Tie! *SuddenImpact/Fantasy Chaser & *WorkingOnIt/Susanna (45.45%)

Let the voting begin!!!


I’m a newb, what exactly is this?


Just a fun poll where the creator matches active posters up and we vote. Usually it is people who are alike or completely oppisite or just plain random. Depends on how my day has gone. LOL :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


YAY! Perkins & 2c are winning by a land-slide. Winning what, exactly, I don’t know, but we’re winning!


Yeah, the “match up” between me & NewC was totally opposite. If I remember right, I didn’t even vote for me in that one.


I also don’t understand… To what end? What is the match?

Matchup used to be a basic wrestling, psuedo fight thing. Sometimes with gloves… Also used to be called “smokers” on ship. You drag the the opponent, or knock the opponent out of the boundary.


Some of the match ups became mock debates about who was politically better. Such was the case when me and Blondie won. It’s just a fun poll where the winners gets nothing



I’m still trying to get the logic of the humor involved. I’m sure it’s funny, and it’s probably one of those “you just had to be there” kinds of things.

Don’t mind me, some things just take a while to click.


I heard that happens when you get old… :wink:


I voted for Cam and jjf…but being a fringer, it showed up like it had the same impact it had in the presidential election.



[quote=“Rightwing_Nutjob, post:10, topic:38071”]
I voted for Cam and jjf…but being a fringer, it showed up like it had the same impact it had in the presidential election.
[/quote]That is wrong on so many levels. Just Wrong!!!:coffee_spray::rofl:


No wonder I’ve been waiting so long for my money… :awkward:




Oh, now I get it.

I thought it was “who do you want to see in The Octagon :ninja: ?”


:rofl: GOLD!!!


Just between you and me…Susanna didn’t want to share power with NewC…we marked him as Banned so no one would know the truth…


I didn’t want to share anything with NewC - and he was banned, eventually.


Thanks, folks. NOT.


Well the winners of the first match up are TPerkins and 2cent with half the vote!! Look forward to the next match up! Suggestions are welcomed.


I’d like to thank my Mom for making me possible!