Robert Lee and Jeff Davis in New Orleans!

The FLOWER of CHIVALRY has been besmirched by liberal carpetbaggers of the worst kind…they are seeking to remove the statues of these great Americans from their long-occupied pedestals!
I am too FLABBERGASTED to comment (in proper Southern English) at this time…perhaps when my BLOOD PRESURE drops about fifty points.
Still, the liberal scalawags will stop at nothing to rewrite and defame our precious past.
Of course, the LIBERALS of the 1860’s (Honest ABE et al) put a spin on the whole Southern Revolution and made it a RACE issue…Honey chile, it was a STATES RIGHTS ISSUE.
And a hundred fifty years later the political battlefield looks the same.

Senator Filibuster Foghorn


As of today, the statues still stand.

The Liberals around Charlottesville, Va. are trying to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee in a park up there. This got started by ONE NAACP member who is trying to make a “name” for himself. I already have the name for him, and would like to tell him, so he won’t have to continue trying, but I don’t think he would like that name very well.

There is not a general, nor a politician today who can shine the boots of Robert E. Lee in regard to character, bravery and chivalry.

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No. But the victors write history; and the later victors of the once-victors often try to re-write it.

Once upon a time we understood, the deep, inherent, implicit implications of Federalism. The ONLY…WAY that states like Utah, Louisiana, New York and Illinois could be together in a political union, was if the National government limited its reach to issues of ONLY NATIONAL interest. Local heroes; as well as local customs, local schools, local tastes…were for local people to decide. And if New York wanted to make abortion a government-subsidized project, and Utah wanted to make it a capital crime, that of killing an unborn infant…that was each of their choices.

But the Left marches on…from Wilson to Roosevelt to Johnson to Roe to Jimmuh and Clintoon…and now this abominable African with his Hate-America-First policy - word, deed and Executive Order. And here we are, the most vile, ignorant, unreasoning, hateful mobs looking to erase history.