Robert Spencer: Should we censor ourselves to avoid offending Muslims?


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David Petraeus and Larry Summers say we should. I say we shouldn’t, and that to do so is dangerous for a free society. Find out why in this new video.

The premise is we should never speak out against muslims or terror and that will stop terrorism. Where have we heard that before? Well it has been echoes by the administration that has deleted files and unreported attacks and attempts and released fighters back to join the fight from Gitmo.

Frankly this ploy does not work in any situation where the citizens are told they are responsible when they get attacked rather than those who do the attacking. History has shown that not offending someone still does not guarantee that someone will not be offended.


Yes, according “Blondie” at the State Department (She is no longer a spokesperson from what I can see.), all we need to do is give the Radical Muslims jobs, and they would be happy. Hug a radical Muslin, and they won’t detenate their vest bomb. How nice. :hippy:

I guess we missed out on how to get along with the Nazis and Japan also during World War II. We needed to hug them too. Of course the left thought they were bad because they opposed Mother Russia so perhaps they didn’t deserve any hugs.

Anyone who believes this rubish is suffering from a mental disorder. :drool: They want to convert you, kill you or enslave you. Get that though your head. :smack:


All the kids believe that - Jen Psaki, or Marie Harf…they have had that drilled into their heads.

You say, they’re not kids - they’re adults. Yeah…low thirties. Meant they were in high-school while the Rabid Left was teaching White Guilt and Lying-Is-Good and Clinton worship and Bush Hatred…and asking What-Did-We-Do-To-Make-Them-Hit-The-Towers?

It’s all that ROT that the Ayers minions have been drilling into young skulls for twenty years now. Those two liberally-educated imbeciles just got a braincase full of it, each of them.