Rockets hit Sderot as Obama visits Israel


**Gaza fire resumes during US president’s Middle East trip: Five Color Red alerts sound in southern city Thursday morning; one rocket lands in local house’s backyard without causing any injuries, another rocket hits open area

**Rockets hit Sderot as Obama visits Israel - Israel News, Ynetnews

Remember Folks those in Palestine are our friends–they just need a little more money/sarcasm


Just making a point. This whole trip is a publicity stunt for Obama as he hides from his presidential responsibilities and the budget fiasco. ‘net the Yahoo’ is making nice, full well knowing this idiot is kissing Muslim keister. Whoever fired the rockets was only letting Obama know they were watching.


I can’t help but wonder what would happen in the Liberal world if they got lucky? Would the Left seek revenge or would they apologize for putting Obama in the way of one of their rockets?


Or trying to make people forget that he said Israel should go back to their pre-Six-Days-War borders.


Obama is talking about making Palestine a nation again. Since reality is not his strong suit he fails once again to realize that Israel has offered that solution and it was refused by the animals who live in Palestine


I never heard Obama condemn the rockets.