Rod Rosenstein to get the ax


My local cable homepage is reporting the Assistant Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, is about to the ax. This comes in the wake of the New York Times Story that he was ready to wear a wire to get the goods on Trump so that the cabinet could invoke the 25th Amendment. Rosenstein called it “a joke.”

It will be interesting to see if the Lyndon Johnson quote concerning J. Edger Hoover will be in play here. When LBJ was asked why he didn’t fire J. Edger Hoover, the president who was known for his colorful way of putting things said,

“It’s better to have him in the tent peeing out than it is to have him outside the tent peeing in.”

If Rosenstein gets the ax, can Muller be far behind? The Dems might have another “Saturday Night Massacre” to crow about. For them it’s like feeding red meat to a dog. It would be great if there could be some political rat poison in the meat.


This story was hyped to the hilt yesterday morning as if it was sure to happen, as if Rosenstein got caught with his filthy hand in the cookie jar and was going to pay big. But as the day wore on I became aware the president was in New York, so would he fire Rosenstein over the phone? That seemed unlikely.

After hearing more commentary, I believe Rosenstein loudly exclaimed that he was going to the White House to be fired, and that is what caused reporters to scramble. So why did he say that? Maybe just for fun. Maybe to wear out the media getting excited and then being let down, or to otherwise prep them for what he thinks is coming later.

In a fair and just world, Mueller (the poster child for government corruption in Washington) and Rosenstein would have been fired over a year ago. But President Trump must see some political advantage in keeping them in place.


Mueller is one of the worst people in government. He should go to prison for he has done. He has defrauded the taxpayers by taking his salary because he has not done what he was charged to do: Find a link between Trump and the Russians. Instead he has spent his time stirring the political pot in conjunction with the liberal news media to create the illusion that the Trump Whitehouse is corrupt. Mueller knows that there is no story there, but he’s going to keep “investigating” it.

Mueller’s main goal is to do what he can to cause the Trump administration to fail. He would love to break Trump and cause him to resign. There is no legal basis for what Mueller is doing. For that he should be prosecuted as a traitor.

Hillary Clinton is corrupt. She is the one who colluded with the Russians, but the government will never prosecute that wrongdoing. Mueller will keep doing what he’s doing, and he could keep doing it for two to six years depending on how long Trump is elected to office. There is no end in sight to the Mueller investigation until it looks like it is becoming a political liability for the Democrats.