Rodney King George Floyd

Those cops weren’t beating Rodney king it was an act of love, they were spreading their peace in order into is broke jaw ya know. George Floyd wasn’t snuffed out that cop was giving him such a warm compression the man couldn’t breathe all in the name of love and order. 100s more incedents like these will never air on anywhere but the local news but you can sees 1000s on YouTube at the junkyard news. I dare anyone to watch five of those police encounters and tell me we are safer with that. May I remind you in the days before cameras it was worse because they hold back a little when they know the film is rolling if you call that holding back.

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Dude, for real. George Floyd wouldn’t have even been a thing if bystanders weren’t filming. Body cameras don’t even deter them fully. Check out the initial press release MPD gave on the George Floyd incident. They were happy to sweep it under the rug until the bystander footage came out.

They’re from the government and they are there to help or so we are told. The Supreme Court says they have no obligation to protect you.

Right wing think tank says we would be better off without them yet the Neo-fascists liburty loving freeduhhm crowd love the police. It boggles the mind smaller government more police, more police without accountability. We need a lot of chastity with lots of sex with tons more sex.

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So what’s your solution? More LGBTQRAOAI+ volunteer social workers? Just make crime legal? More vaccines?

I can off the top of my head think of more serial killers who are white people. So we should just ban white people but those stupid freedumb loving republicans love the white people? Sometimes teachers have sex with their underage students guys; we need to just ban all teachers or even better ban adults. Or we can do even better and do the democrat thing and just legalize sex with kids that’ll solve things.

United, I don’t know what you’re going through to post some garbage like this, but I hope you get through it.

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I love this argument. Apparently the only two options are for police to occasionally indiscriminately kill citizens or HaVe AnArChY iN tHe StReEtS!!!111111oneoneone.

But for the love of God, do not suggest accountability and transparency towards law enforcement. That will just lead to the apocalypse.

Make lethal self defense legal. If someone violates one of the big four Violence, Sexual Abuse, Murder, Break In’s empower the victim to fight back. People lived for 1000’s of year without police. Justice was once something you had to petition for not dial 911 and end up with a 30% clearance rate.

also this but Anarchy would get rid of a lot of stupid really quick.

When the Killer in Seven inspires you you’ve reached a dark moment. All I see is victims no victors everyone has a grievance. Empower people don’t let the demons run amok.

We actually agree on something!

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I’ve always been pro 2nd in an absolutist sense. If I am threatened or my family is in a way where they are no safe in their persons papers or chambers that person has committed a capitol offense against my family. My son my wife myself should have not have to fear for our lives in our homes or vehicles.

A couple of teens broke into nearly ever car on the block I was one of the exceptions because I have a sign in my lawn that I reserve the right to use lethal defense to protect my home and family. My neighbor got one and I was happy he did. Because people took tools off his truck.

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Which I’ll argue we have. Otherwise, all these incidents (both the real and imagined) wouldn’t be in the public eye.

They only entered the public eye because a member of the public filmed it. If nobody filmed the George Floyd incident, you would have believed he died in hospital. That is the very opposite of transparent. And that is far from unique. Prior to this video being released, Mark Gugino tripped and fell at a protest and was immediately provided medical aid.

If transparency and accountability only exist if the public post videos on social media, that is the very opposite of transparency and accountability.

If anyone needs 10000’s you heard that right tens of thousands of police brutality videos head over to the Junkyard news on Youtube. Couple of rebel redneck bikers from Georgia run the channel. I think the only reason they can run a channel like that is being southern and having many lawyers. I’m surprised YouTube hosts their content literal blood and gore from police hands.

I know police are needed etc but the doctrine of qualified immunity means even if they beat you for no reasoning and violate your rights they can’t sue you.

You can’t be the party of small government and big police there have to be checks on civil liberties. There are 100s of cases on the 1st 4th and 5th amendment but everyday cops ignore those rulings with impunity. Best advice I can offer is either kiss butt, be quiet, or try to out manipulate them to the point where they lose their cool on camera while you have your calm. I cut down a cop so bad, he flipped out on Camera I was just very subversive and the way I phrased things made him loose it. In the era of cameras they don’t know how to adjust out of power tripping brutality back into civil service.

You cited two incidents (no doubt you could come up with more, but my point stands), projected what would have happened without the video, and are presenting this as the norm. The fact is that we’re getting riots even when the video shows that the police did everything right.

You’re not going to get a perfect solution. There will be bad cops (and no one is more POed about them than good cops), and there will be good cops who are demonized as bad cops because they had to shoot a perp who was black. The cops are doing a very difficult and demanding job (demanding more discipline than I knew in the Navy) which has become more thankless than ever.

I welcome the bodycams for cops, because it’ll sort out both the bad cops and vindicate the good ones (the vast majority). But I believe we’re too far gone as a society. All the divisiveness stirred up against cops and all the other decadence of society is going to result in its collapse.

The situation only gets worse for the police when the DA’s turn repeat offenders lose with no bail and virtually no charges. All that does is provide incentives for the repeat offenders to keep committing crimes. This is why the crime rate is skyrocketing.

It’s long been true that only a small minority commit the crimes, but when there are no consequences for smash and grab attacks, that is only going to prompt more people to do it.

This is part of the evil George Soros’ social experiment. Like an evil god, he uses his vast wealth to get soft on crime DA’s elected. It’s his “social experiment” and the people are his guinea pigs.

I have no idea what goes through that man’s head. He is sick. He has no respect for honest people. Like an evil puppet master, he sits in his ivory tower and pulls the strings to put these rotten DA’s in office.

Maybe the people will wake up and start voting them out of office, but it’s hard to do when the election system is corrupted by fraud.

I worked on a campaign for a sheriff who was raped by her peers she was silenced and forced to take a job 80 miles out of her home town. Yeah the honest cops just went along with silencing her.

They are used to be an occupying force not a civil servant. This isn’t england our cops roll like a military. Lots of them quit because of accountability. If this is a free country people should be afforded due process ie kavanaugh. I think we can all agree due process is important otherwise the government just arrests who ever speaks up against their plans.

Obviously I wouldn’t agree with your wording, but I agree in substance with what you are saying. Most of these demonstrations follow a set pattern.

  1. Cops do something corrupt (kill a citizen beat up an elderly lady with disabilities whatever)
  2. The official cop statement claims nothing of the sort happened (suspect died of medical complications, warrant was executed without incident etc)
  3. Footage from the public shows Police deliberately falsified statements. (THIS IS THE IMPORTANT STEP)
    4 Demonstrations.

Yep. Ever wonder why? Seriously, are you surprised?

That is completely wrong. I’d use stronger language, but I do believe this discussion is important. The three cops who stood by and watched Derek Chauvin murder Floyd were good cops. The cops who simply accepted the statement without investigation were good cops. The cops who knew something like this happened but didn’t report it were good cops. I can’t think of a single situation where “good” cops stopped “bad” cops without step 3 happening. If they were good, honest cops, they wouldn’t need public outrage and demonstrations to do the right thing. I know for a fact in Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland, Australia and Germany that if a cop knows of wrongdoing by another cop and don’t report it, they are at the very least dismissed.

I also can’t think of a single demonstration/protest/riot (pick your word) that has occurred because the police caught “bad” cops without the urging of the general public. Can you? Can you think of an incident where for example a Police Captain went to the press and said “After an internal investigation we are pressing charges against officer X” and THEN a riot started out? It appears your standard for what a good cop is is simply someone who doesn’t join in. That’s a pretty low bar.

Agreed. I just wish the standards were enforced when it comes to US law enforcement. Like I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in a city where the standards weren’t enforced and platitudes like “back the blue” were used. Roger Rogerson was the rule, not the exception.

I suspect the divisiveness arose because law enforcement said they could police their own and instead protected their own for decades…

Because anecdote equals trend…

Bull dookie.

2 No, I don’t wonder why. I believe I know: Race baiting. The same people who are screaming bloody murder about the occasional injustice (real or imagined) by cops aren’t policing their own, who are murdering several orders of magnitude more blacks than any rogue cops; their silence is deafening.

No, but I seem to recall it happening when the cops shot the guy righteously:

Fair point. I just believe law enforcement should be held to a higher standard than your typical citizen. I’m a little bit disappointed that you disagree. I’m going to drill the point home - not everybody has what it takes to be a cop. Unfortunately, too many people get the job simply to fill out uniforms. That’s a problem.