Roe v. Wade has been overturned

The Supreme Court has just announced its decision. It will be interesting to how much violence comes as a result of this, especially in Washington, DC.

I hope the left will exercise restraint. I think we’re bigger than j6. The upper crust overeducated liberals know this is the right shooting itself in the foot. I hope the lower street team left will listen.

After the riots during the 2020 “summer of love,” how can you reach that conclusion? One outfit called “Jane’s revenge” has been calling for the riot to start at 8 PM. They been posting it on their website. If it happens, the leaders of that organization should be arrested and prosecuted.

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The FBI raided 3 Churches today for attempting to recruit service members for right wing violence so its on. I have a nato like pact with people across the metro we practice response times.

One supposed that with the Democratic boat close to the shoals their choice of action is row or wade…or go down with Biden.

Let’s hear it for child marriage again! Whoot!

Everything being said, it’s always disturbing when America tries to emulate the Taliban. Says a lot about conservatives.

Fun fact: Each and every Supreme Court Justice who overturned this lied in front of a Senate. It’s pretty obvious who the type of people who don’t care about that are.

Good luck, America.

Don’t really see it. The youngest age of consent for marriage is in Massachusetts at 12. That’s a blue state.

And all this decision did was allow States to decide the issue on abortion.

Fighting hard for Abortion for women in Red States, who are themselves voting pro-life, doesn’t make a lot of sense.

It’s better this issue devolves legislatively, as after 40 years were no closer to having a national consensus, and it’s creating whiplash how we treat D.C. as an Iron Throne to settle the issue.

I fully expect more cultural issues to be settled this way. Let’s States decide, then vote with your feet.

I’m not an American and even I can see the BS behind this obtuse statement. Shall I indicate the amount of lock-step legislation that shall now be imposed because of such a court reversal? Do I need to explain the added level of police enforcement that must now be involved? Shall I point out how that is most likely going to be funded?

Are these questions you want answered? I’ve got my receipts.

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Since when has reason been a Democratic ultra progressive method?
Nazi fascists would call for riots like these Àbortion crowd-types have done…
Oh Antifa… here are some REAL FASCISTS!
Hahahaha! 1938 Berlin and intimidating Jews is too much for coincidence. Violent for political purposes

Amerikahu-Akbar, I guess.

I’m an atheist, but if something would allow me to thank god it would be me giving gratitude that I live in a country that doesn’t take rights away from my child. (FYI, I’ll be a dad at some point). I live in a country that has more freedoms now than what it did 20 years ago. And we will be freer tomorrow. What happened is obscene.

Incidentally, I am ready, willing and able to respond to the obvious retort we all know someone is going to say.

Let’s set the record straight for @Patooka. According to my Google search, a woman is free to get an abortion up to 24 weeks. After that she can still get one, but she needs the concurrence of a second physician. That is not the “kill your child anytime you want during your pregnancy” position that is held by the radical abortion advocates.

I guess there are doctors in Australia that will support abortions up until the time of birth, like the radical abortion advocates do here, but at least there are rules that attempt to restrict the practice well into a pregnancy.

My position has been that a woman should have choice, but only early in the pregnancy. Killing children in the 9th month should never be acceptable as it was for the ex-governor of Virginia. I know that is not acceptable to most conservatives, but it’s the position, according to the polls, for most Americans.

Jane’s Revenge claimed responsibility for the firebombing of a pregnancy center in Madison, WI; and although I’m not aware of a claim of responsibility, there was another in Buffalo, NY.

1 Let’s hear it for hyperbolic b—s---. Since when does getting the Feds out of the loop on the abortion issue equal child marriage?
2 More hyperbolic bullcrap. I defy you to make an argument that a baby in the womb is not a person, and thus, is not entitled to life the same as someone outside the womb.

3 What alleged lie?

4 WHAT BS? It put the decisions back in the hands of the states like he said. All else is projection.
5 First of all, what “lock step,” seeing as how deep-blue states are doubling down on radicalization of abortion? Second, what does what the states do have to do with the justice or lack thereof in sending the issue back to the states?

6 Again with the hyperbolic BS. Ironic, since it’s the radical Muslims who have been killing babies.
7 Tell me again how your right to keep and bear arms stacks up against the same in the U.S. And as I said in item 2, I defy you to make an argument that the baby in the womb is not a person. The whole proabortion vs. antiabortion debate hinges upon that point. No one has the “right” to deliberately target a person’s life.

8 There are many obvious retorts, given how much crap you’ve posted. Which one are you referring to?

Do you really think this constitutes a person with rights? How can they have rights “outside the womb” when it can’t even survive outside the womb?

The “OMG Patooka! Mrs Patooka is several months pregnant so therefore you are a hypocrite being pro choice! See! I just owned you!” type of argument,

I’ll do that the tough way first. I have a kitchen and my mates. I don’t need a gun to protect me and my own.

Smart way second. Every military has ROE depending on the population. No guns means home side gets first shot. Everyone has known that for decades. Red between the lines.

You made some other good points. I’ll ask if you just give me a few hours to answer.

If you are going to start with bad faith arguments…

That States will implement because they can now decide on abortion?

You’re just rephrasing what I said. And this is mutual – Blue and Red states have prepared their own laws.

By State level authorities, enforcing State laws you mean?

Be my guest.

Except the major debate isn’t happening with the Justices Trump appointed. It’s between Alito and Thomas – both Conservative Justices appointed years ago.

The liberals ironically are pushing Thomas’s stance, which is what Beau here was quoting…

We are talking about enforcement against abortion. Let’s be clear. We are talking about people who are willing to enforce legislation that abortion is a crime. Typically speaking, these people are highly motivated Kind of like how people who choose to be Border Security are, shall we say, a tad xenophobic.

But the anti-abortion squad is now a thing and it needs to be staffed. You’re smart enough to know how that plays out with regards to recruitment. You are not an idiot. You are being dishonest though.