Romney: I speak out against Trump to sleep at night


For Mitt Romney, the decision to take on Donald Trump was a matter of personal integrity, the former Republican nominee suggested in an interview with The Wall Street Journal published Friday.
“I know that some people are offended that someone who lost and is the former nominee continues to speak, but that’s how I can sleep at night,” Romney said. “And there are some people, though it’s a small number, who still value my opinion.”

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Let us tell it like it really is. The attack on Trump was just another attempt to knock him out of the race and install a Rino who will vote with the democrats. The attack had nothing to do with personal integrity but dirty politics


So, throwing a wet blanket on Trump, the Republican nominee, thus helping Hilary Clinton gain the White House, helps Romney sleep better at night?

I’m Speechless!!


Is there someone out there that still values Romney’s opinion? I haven’t found one. This is a rich jackass who is trying to stay relevant, that’s all.


Did he lose any sleep in his weak-willed, passive THROWING of the 2012 Election?


All this hot air from Romney after the performance he turned in 4 years ago? IMO he should keep his clapperclaw shut!


Hmmmm; clapperclaw------not bad, where’d that come from.?


It is an expression that my Dad used and has been laying unused in my skull for years. Perhaps I should have said flapjaw.


Dad-isms are what makes the world go round.


“Flapass” would have also been an appropriate use of the alphabet.


any euphemism will do. that is just about the only bullet left in the gun anymore.


Mitt Romney? Never heard of her.


He, she, or it?