Romney Supported Cap And Trade, Bragged About Emissions Controls


In 2003, then-Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney sent a letter to New York Gov. George Pataki accepting his invitation to discuss a regional cap-and-trade group.

"“Thank you for you invitation to embark on a cooperative northeast process to reduct the power plant pollution that is harming our climate. I concur that climate change is beginning to effect our natural resources and that now is the time to take action towards climate protection,” Romney said in the letter, adding, “I believe that our joint work to create a flexible market-based regional cap and trade system could serve as an effective approach to meeting these goals.”

The Pataki letter, obtained from a Democratic source, details Romney’s support for cleaning up his state’s most polluting power plants, in addition to an enthusiastic embrace of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative concept.

Romney Supported Cap And Trade, Bragged About Emissions Controls

Okay this is an example of why I think Obama will continie to support the ideals of Obama.

Rommey will more than likely still have the EPA shut down industry.

Rommey is soft on deporting illegals

Romey created his version of Obamacare so why would he destroy what Obama created?

It seems only the Rommeybots and those masquerading as republicans want Rommey because they know he is progressive and will continue to implement those goals.

Washington needs a thorough cleaning of both democrats and the current republican leadership which shares the same goals.


Nice dredge of this 9 year old story that has been commented on here before.

Of course the COAL INDUSTRY seems to disagree with you on Romney:
"The coal industry is hitting back against attacks on Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who highlighted the Obama administration’s energy policies during a campaign stop in Colorado. Those policies, he said, are hostile toward coal.

A video released Friday by America’s Power, a coal industry-funded advocacy group, focused on the towns of Nucla and Naturita, Colo., where proposed regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency threaten to close a coal mine and a coal plant. The regulations cover mercury emissions and other pollutant standards.

If the EPA’s proposed rules were passed, the plants would be unable to afford the upgrades necessary to continue operation, leaving what one local business owner called “a ghost town.”

“If you wipe out those 150 jobs, when you’ve only got a town of 600 people, you’re going to have a ghost town and that’s going be all there is to it,” Apothecary Shoppe owner Don A. Colcord said in the video.

“You’ve got bureaucrats who run the EPA. They won’t let you burn coal, they won’t let you mine coal. We have coal to power this whole country. What are we going to do? Pretty soon this country is going to grind to a halt and we’re doing it to ourselves, and that’s what’s so frustrating.”

Read more: Coal industry video slams ‘frustrating’ EPA, backs up Romney energy speech | The Daily Caller

…and of course there is Mitt’s pledge vs. Obama’s ACTIONS:

Reform Environmental Regulation
As president, Mitt Romney will eliminate the regulations promulgated in pursuit of the Obama administration’s costly and ineffective anti-carbon agenda. Romney will also press Congress to reform our environmental laws to ensure that they allow for a proper assessment of their costs.
Ensure that environmental laws properly account for cost in regulatory process
Provide multi-year lead times before companies must come into compliance with onerous new environmental regulations

Adopt Structural Reforms
Impose a regulatory cap of zero dollars on all federal agencies
Require congressional approval of all new “major” regulations
Reform legal liability system to prevent spurious litigation



And there will be the usual pro-Romney excuse makers.


Romney does not have any defensible actions in his political history, that is why all the Extremist Left GOPers spend all their time offering excuses for his record, citing polls (as long as they are favorable to Romney) and making preemptive excuses for his failure to change the course in the event that he wins in Nov.

Liberals are all the same regardless of what Party they register in, not one Demoncrat will condemn Obama regardless of how high the failure evidence is and in the GOP they will praise any Liberal candidate no matter how thoroughly they are covered in dung or how fresh the dung is.

Romney is an Enviro-Nazi, he will destroy whatever is left of small business America just like ALL Enviro-Nazi GOPers do.


Mitt Romney | Agenda21Today

Sustainable Development and Agenda 21

In 2004, as part of Willard’s goal to adopt a strategic approach to “land protection” in Massachusetts, he launched a plan to help cities and towns adopt “smart growth” policies that foster sustainable development. He stated that he wanted a more coordinated approach to “land conservation,” involving housing, environmental and transportation agencies.

As I mentioned in my previous article on Newt Gingrich, federal or state land grabs under the guise of sustainability are wholly unconstitutional. However, once again, elimination of land by the federal or state governments when it belongs to the people, is fully a plank of the communist manifesto.

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich were two candidates that were radical environmentalists in the past, yet became turncoats when deciding to run for President.