Ron Paul has the right idea about education


Ron Paul launches new homeschooling site. I don’t know much about him, but he is dead on about public school.

Ron Paul Launches Home Schooling Site


Lots of controversy on this issue among libertarians so far.

Daniel Bier and other libertarians are up in arms about it, claiming that Paul is using “libertarian” rhetoric to support social authoritarianism:

Gary North: The ‘Libertarian’ Taliban Who’s Writing Ron Paul’s Curriculum | The Skeptical Libertarian

C.J. Engel argues that Bier is being “absurd”:[INDENT=2]
He has no idea how Reconstructionism is applied in light of the Christian doctrine of postmillennialism. Firstly, Reconstruction, because of its postmillennialism, is anti-revolutionary. They seek to forcefully establish nothing. Rather, they simply describe where they believe the culture will eventually end up before the second coming of Christ. Secondly, a theocracy should not be confused with the more accurate term, theonomy. Whereas Theocrats advocate for the State to forcefully apply God’s law, theonomists (which are the Recons) advocate that the Church ought to take care of these (Old Testament) laws, all of which will be applied to those within the Church. Some theonomists even consider themselves voluntarists because joining the Church is optional.
A Libertarian Invokes Fear Mongering Against the Ron Paul Curriculum « The Reformed Libertarian


I actually have some reservations. I will be the first to tell you that our public system is broken and pushes an agenda. Creating an antithesis curriculum for homeschooling is hardly the answer. How about we take politics OUT of education, and create free thinkers, problem solvers, content intelligent, and complexly capable individuals without exposing them to any one political ideology nor pushing any one political ideology. The wording for the history and government alone speaks of a one-sided curricula. This is just inverse Obamaism. I’m a tad disappointed.


FL: I totally agree with you. But, until that time, parents have a right to provide an proper education to their children. If they are able to homeschool, they should be allowed to do so. I don’t see any improvement in public education any time soon. As a matter of fact, I’m positive it is going to get considerably worse in the years ahead.


My comment was is not meant to be critical to the concept of homeschooling, I was just disappointed in Paul’s curricula.


Actually my biggest issue with it is that it’s online; I don’t trust a K-12 student to focus for any period without getting distracted by something on the internet.


Why? I looked at his website and didn’t see too much in the way of a curriculum.



Not to go off topic, but how much do you know about Camus? After reading your posts and getting a feel for your views, it’s bizarre (to say the least) to find you quoting someone who really might be one of the most far-left philosophers in all of history. He was actually kicked out of the communist party to which he belonged on the grounds that he was too far left. I know that Camus is popular with some Catholic communists, but you don’t seem at all communist to me. It’s just strange that you would quote him, given that you seem to be very conservative.


Hey man, a good quote is a good quote. The wisdom is in the words, not the person who speaks them.


Two people can put the exact same words on the screen and mean literally the opposite things. This happens all the time with words like “freedom,” for instance. Trust me, Camus doesn’t mean anything close to what you probably think he means by that quote.


“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” – 20th century author, Albert Camus

I don’t know much about the author, but, “welfare of the people”, is used by Democrats and Republicans to promote their opposing ideals, whether tyrannical or not! IMO, “tyrannical” seems to fall on the Democrat side more often than not!


Wow, I knew he had a book coming out on homeschooling but a curriculum I did not see coming. North and Woods will be good teachers. The only (and big) issue I see is lack of accredidation.