Roommates Banned in NY!


Ron Paul Banned from DC! Roommates Banned in NY! (Nanny of the Month, Feb '13) -

But this time the Nanny of the Month comes to us from Watertown, New York, where the city council has banned roommates from residential neighborhoods (which would include everyone from unmarried couples to domestic partners and soldiers sharing a home).

Seems that a local woman named Deborah Cavallario wasn’t keen on her neighbor living with his fiance and two friends, so she persuaded three out of five council members to zone away un-related roommates. (She insists it wasn’t a “dirtbag” move.)

And you thought you got to say who stays under your roof! That rumble you hear is the sound of a thousand lawyers heading to this Empire State town.


Why doesn’t this surprise me? It seems all the nutty things happen either in NYC, Canada, or California… So, what happens when college students share an apartment or house to save money? I guess that’s no good, huh?


This will have the younger generation rushing to town to support their economy I’m sure! On a side note, the City of Toledo Ohio is doing studies on what it’s going to take to get the young folks back because their population is getting to old to support the economy. Translation, the folks that know enough to save as much of their fixed income as they can are not flocking to the high priced specialty shops downtown and the youngsters are heading to the suburbs.


So, if this town woke up its residents every morning, this is how they would do it:

And - of course - this how the day would end:




Pete: You did it again to me! I choked on my coffee! :freaked:


I would say “better bring weapons when you try to evict”, I doubt these cowardly Communist’s on the “council” would push this very far.

I had a Fresno County Nazi leave a note on my door once that said my tractor was too big for my neighborhood, I was told to have it gone in 15 days or the County would remove it. I called him and said ***“If my tractor was too big I would buy a smaller one, if it was too small I would buy a bigger one, it is here because it is just right in my opinion on my property. I will not treat the County any different than any other thief who tries to take anything from property”

That was several years ago, still have not seen the big, bad county.

Liberals are evil cowards, most of the time they will flee when they sense that you are not buying into their “authority” to take your Property Rights.


How can you live in California?


It is not easy, I loathe California.

The reason I stay is because leaving would likely be harder on others that I care about than staying is for me. Also I want a front row seat when it all collapses, I figure I have earned that much.

I have been in combat mode with this States various governments for so long and at so many levels that I just answer “I am a criminal” when people ask me “What line of work are you in?”.


RET: LOL! Sad. I know what you mean…that is why I spent 11 years in south Florida…only because I was taking care of my mom, aunt, and grandparents. Otherwise, millions of dollars couldn’t drag me to Flori-duh. I visited some friends in 1976 in LA. I was not impressed. I found the people there to be very aloof, strange, and cold. My friends told me that LA is not humid. Well, my hair didn’t agree. I stayed 4 days and that was enough. I understand, though, that northern California is very nice.


This woman needs to be given a big smack.


[quote=“OldStyleBlues, post:11, topic:38539”]
This woman needs to be given a big smack.
[/quote]So hitting women is okay with you?


It wasn’t NYC. It was Watertown, NY.


[quote=“samspade, post:12, topic:38539”]
So hitting women is okay with you?
[/quote] Her? Yep. I’d smack her for sure.


Please steer clear of personal stuff, folks.


I was making a generalized statement. Sorry I didn’t make that clearer…