Rosenstein Asks Prosecutors to Help With Kavanaugh Papers in Unusual Request


Keep in mind Democrats have already said they were going to try to stall the nomination by asking for millions of documents.


This from a Democrat!:neutral_face:


Where is our worthless POS Attorney General?


Why doesn’t Trump fire this moron?


It’s truly a no-win position. If the President fires Jeff, the Press, the Democrats and half the Republicans will proclaim that he trying to shut down all investigations and is hiding something. 99% of them know that isn’t true but that won’t stop them. One other solution would be for the Republican House to initiate impeachment proceedings against Rosenstein AND Sessions. Ryan secretly loathes the President so that will never happen. Another solution would be for someone to discover a skeleton in Jeff’s closet; maybe corruption, maybe sex. I am just grasping at straws and engaging in wishful thinking.


Well, it’s too late now, but Trump would have had the cover of “I’m just getting my own team on board” had he released this nutbird when he first began.

While I agree with you that firing now would be political suicide, I still wonder why Trump didn’t sweep this guy out in the beginning.


I don’t think he anticipated that things would get this bad. On the brighter side, I believe that more people, every day, are realizing the treachery he is up against.


Do you think Sessions could fire R and Trump would then not take the heat? Or would Sessions just be seen as Trump’s puppet (which I’m sure would be the line from the MSM anyway).

Think I just answered my own question.

What I’m doing by thinking out loud here is struggling with a way to get rid of R. Perhaps it’s od’s musings.

I just wanna’ see this screwball GONE.

As long as he’s around, Trump will need to be carefull, and even then, R can (and likely will) screw things up.


What President Trump SHOULD do is ORDER Sessions, et al, to produce the requested documents immediately–unredacted–and make certain that everyone understands that refusal means immediate dismissal…period. He has the right and the AUTHORITY to do so, including declassifying any of them–or parts of them.


I think this is the best idea I’ve heard yet, Dave. There will be some political and media blowback but Trump gets that every day. They certainly won’t be able to accuse him of hiding anything.