Rosenstein Declines To Testify In Front Of House Committee


I’ll be brief:

The VERY conflicted Rob Rosenstein - the “real” AG - had been scheduled to Testify in front of the House Committee for about 2 weeks. He was set to testify today regarding what role he MIGHT have had in possibly discussing wearing a wire when speaking with Trump and possibly invoking Article 25 declaring Trump unfit to serve as POTUS.

Yesterday it was reported that Rosenstein had declined to go before the committee and that there may be internal turmoil within the committee regarding whether his testimony would have been informal or under oath.

If and when he testifies, it MUST be under oath. To do otherwise is a waste of time.

IMHO - it is VERY LIKELY Rosenstein refused to show up today because he knew he would either have to come clean or risk committing perjury had he been required to testify under oath.

If the Democrats win the House the House Committee’s investigation will cease. Frankly, I don’t understand why Trump failed to follow through on his order to make unredacted FISA associated documents available to the committee a month ago.

Something is going on here that doesn’t pass the smell test. Why weren’t the documents produced as ordered by Trump? Why is Trump OK with that? Why wouldn’t the House Committee require Rosenstein to be placed under oath? Why isn’t the committee issuing a subpoena requiring Rosenstein to testify?

Frankly, I doubt the American people are ever going to know the full truth regarding corruption at the highest levels of the DOJ. IMHO - leaving the American people to speculate regarding what really took place is the worst possible outcome. Nothing less than a substantial level of trust in our government is required. Lingering distrust serves no one other than those who seek to sew unrest.


One thing about government bureaucrats is that they stick together because big government and no scrutiny over their activities is essential to keep them in power and in the chips. The word is Trump has not released those documents for “national security reasons.” None of us know what might be in them, but I would be willing to bet that most of the “national security” as to do with covering a bunch of government bureaucrat butts in the DOJ and the FBI.

We have come to a sad state of affairs when the government bureaucracy has reached the point were NO ONE, not the president, not the Congress and maybe even the courts have any oversight on them. They are fourth branch of government, and unlike many elected government officials they can remain in office until they retire or die.

Having known a few of them, I can tell you that some of them have already “died” in place. I knew one who weighed over 300 pounds. His work day consisting of going to his desk, lying his head on the top of it and going to sleep. I presume that he woke up for his midday meal.

It’s no wonder that government that spending is permanently out of control. When you are paying drones to do nothing, and others to cover up incompetence, there is little hope of getting the spending under control.

Trump’s inability to get this information before the public and his appointment of Jeff Secessions as Attorney General have been his two greatest failings.


Trump is holding all the cards now, He has played this like a master; Rosenstein knows it and he knows that “the deal” Trump is putting together is the only way that he stays out of jail.

Trump played the declassification card as soon as he knew those records contained enough to condemn Rosenstein and most of DOJ and FBI hierarchy, they did not see this coming and they knew their heads were in the guillotine.

As satisfying as it would be for Trump to drop the hammer on all of their heads he still must consider the ramifications of a scorched earth move because he is the President and contrary to the Lefts opinion he is a damn good CEO.

We need and must have a DOJ and an FBI, these agencies must also have a measure of respect by the American people; I believe that Trump wants to preserve as much credibility as possible for these agencies while still effectively ridding them of their corrupt leaders.

Blowing the lid off would get rid of the corrupt leaders but the resulting reputation of what was left would suffer greatly, making a deal for them to quickly wrap up their “witch hunt investigations” and exonerating all of the innocent people that they have been attacking in the process would restore some of the credibility that has been lost so far if it was done correctly; this will be followed by the resignations of the corrupt leaders with as little fanfare as possible and not all at the same time.

This helps get the DOJ and the FBI back on track, it drains some of the worst of the swamp creatures and it vindicates what Trump and many others have been saying since this charade began; but it does prevent the very satisfying part of seeing these criminals publicly charged, convicted and disgraced.

In the end Trump is putting the restoration of integrity ahead of his own personal desires, but Trump is all about winning and probably cares little about vengeance; especially if getting vengeance might cost him some future wins by rendering both agencies a diseased house going forward.

A good CEO considers such ramifications, they do not go scorched earth if it means they are scorching their own earth in the process; with Trump none of this is personal, it is all just business.


I don’t disagree with you.

What I would love to see POTUS DJT do is have everyone who has been in a command position for longer than 10 years vacate their positions. Call it forced retirement. Call it terminate. Call it purging the ranks.


Well, RET, you may be correct regarding your opinion that Trump is playing a highly nuanced hand full of aces. Of course, I hope you are correct. However, I have a somewhat less optimistic outlook on this matter.

As you note, it is important that at least 2 things happen with respect to the DOJ and it’s sub-agencies. First, the mess gets cleaned up, those involved in attempting the coup de 'tat get purged. Second, the agencies involved remain intact and public trust in them is restored

Public confidence in the DOJ must be restored and there are at least two things that must take place for that to happen, IMHO: First, the perps don’t simply get to resign and walk away - they need to be prosecuted. Some semblance of equal justice under the law MUST be reestablished. Second, regular citizens - you and me - must get the full story/truth of what exactly took place - who, what, when, where and how.

Frankly, as I type this it strikes me just how unlikely it is the political/bureaucratic class will allow to exist the degree of transparency necessary to affect a truly satisfactory conclusion.

In this highly super-charged political/partisan morass I think it far more likely the agencies get a light dusting rather than the fumigation required. Over the next decade or two, researchers/valid historians will likely put facts together in a more or less objective way. In the meantime, the most divisive period since the '60s Vietnam era will continue.

Hope I’m full of Shiite and I hope you are not, RET.




I would not count on that. Most historians are liberals, and they are not going to write the truth about the situation. In fact, they might not even see a problem.

When the chief law enforcement agencies become an arm of a political party, it poses a tremendous threat to the Republic. They don’t need to go much further to make it a police state. The liberals don’t seem to have any objectivity on that issue any more. They just say, “all is fair game because we are 100% right, and the other side is a basket of deplorables.”


Yeah, you got a point. Look how long the history books have told us the New Deal and Roosevelt saved the nation from the Great Depression, for example.


The main thing that Franklin Roosevelt brought to America during the Great Depression was hope. Herbert Hoover was a great engineer and, in his way, a great humanitarian. Unfortunately his approach to people was that like they were part of one of his engineering projects. They were assets to be manipulated. He gave off a dour image that did little to inspire confidence that he had the answers. This campaign button, probably from 1928, gives you an glimpse of his public image. He lacked the personality to be a good president.

Before you jump on me too much for criticizing a Republican president, you should realize that many of Hoover’s solutions to the Great Depression were really “mini New Deal” ideas. Calvin Coolidge once said that all of the ideas Hoover gave him during his administration were bad.

This Roosevelt token from 1933 pretty well sums up the most successful aspect of the New Deal, images without substance. In fact Roosevelt’s policies of excessive regulation and high taxes on successful people prolonged the Depression. The people who could have provided the jobs and technical innovation that would have ended the Great Depression sooner, had their incomes confiscated and their ideas stifled by socialist programs, like the NRA.

When I was in college, we were taught that War World II brought the end to the Great Depression. Roosevelt tried hard, but his policies failed to do the job. Now the historians – propagandists are telling the millennials and anyone else who will listen, that Roosevelt’s policies DID END the Great Depression. This all about promoting giant government and socialist policies. It’s the new big lie … just like Hitler told the German people that German leadership at the end of World War I sold them out.

After all, there never was a Great Depression in Russia under the Communists and their planned economic system. That is actually correct. Under the Communist System there is no bust or boom because the economy sucks all the time.


I would never, ever jump on you for criticizing a Republican president. I do it all the time!

He would probably be correct.

Which supports your initial point: Historians don’t necessarily write the truth – although to be fair, the issue remains contentious. Unfortunately, the arguments against their conventional wisdom does not really seem to be taught to the general public.

The exact same concept as New Deal spending and also incorrect, although the destruction of European factories during the war was a factor in U.S. prosperity for years following the war. If the wartime spending were a solution, so then would other forms of public spending be a solution. We know however that public spending runs counter to a healthy economy and prolongs recessions.

Indeed. It seems unshakable.

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Magna-Yeah-That Magna-Yeah-That Magna-Yeah-That


There was the press conference where a persistent reporter asked Coolidge if he had anything to say about prohibition.

“Any comments on the world court?”, the reporter asked:

“What about the farm situation?”, the reporter asked:

Then the reporter said, “You don’t seem to have any comment about anything.”


No wonder he was known as “Silent Cal”.


The word is Rosenstein will not testify before the elections. The rationale is if the Democrats win the House, which is the conventional wisdom, he will say that it would be a waste of his time to testify before a lame duck body.

I have said almost from the beginning that this guy is a snake. If he has nothing to hide, then he should be very enthusiastic about clearing the air. Since he is part of conspiracy to bring down the Trump Administration.