Roy Moore


That interview with Hannity is one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen. The equivocations. Obviously lying through his teeth. Let’s play the “who will defend a pedophile because he’s part of their political tribe” game.

Ted Kennedy Secretly Asked The Soviets To Intervene In The 1984 Elections

Moore: “I never dated a girl without her mother’s permission.”

If he wasn’t dating teenagers, why did he need their mother’s “permission”? This is some sick shit.


It was a different era/culture in small towns. My grandfather asked my great grandparents for permission to date my grandmother, and she was 21 or 22 at the time(though still living at home while she worked).


Didn’t see whatever it is you’re talking about, but if he was a teen dating a teen, an 18- or 19-year-old dating a 17-year-old, it’s not so sick and makes a lot of sense – especially in that different era CWolf mentioned.


Two articles which may be relevant!


One more …


That’s quite a bit beyond hearsay.

“I was on the bus and heard about this thing some guys saw on Twitter and…”

Get back to me when the family friend of the guy’s wife talks to Gateway Pundit directly.


Different era? It’s not like we’re talking about the 19th century here…the accusation in question comes from 1979.

He was in his 30s and is accused of molesting one 14 year old, and asking another 14 year old out on dates. He admits that he knew two of the women in question, saying they were “nice girls” and he “doesn’t remember” going on dates with them, but if you read between the lines and equivocations, he admits it. He denies molesting the 14 year old, and also denies some aspects of the story from the women he admits to have been with (e.g. he denies giving them alcohol when they were underage), but his denials are pretty sad.


According to the link posted by silliessis, the woman in question has a photo of the supposed Washington Post reporter and a tape of their conversation which she as turned over to the local DA. IF this story turns out to be legit, the story will no longer be Judge Moore, it will be the malfeasance of the Washington Post. I haven’t seen any other news outlet picking this story up. Even Breitbart hasn’t touched it. If they thought it was legit, they would be all over it. I’ll tentatively call this fake news.


There you go reading between the lines again. Stick to facts. make accusations where there are suppositions, why don’t you.


Judge Moore denies even knowing this woman accusing him of molestation. Turns out that she was 17 in 1979, by the way…not “14.”


Yeah, right now this looks to me like character assassination. The timing is incredibly suspicious.


It wasn’t so long ago that all single girls would bring their dates inside the home to meet her parents. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins used to live in the same home. It was customary for grandparents to be taken care of by their children and grand-children. Lots have changed over the past 40+ years–and most not for the better.


True. My daughter once told me that all of her dates were scared to death of ME. She said she couldn’t understand it because she’d told them all that I was a “Teddy Bear.” What she DIDN’T know was that when they came to pick her up, while she was finishing getting ready, I’d take them over to my gun cabinet and show them my collection, assuring them that I was quite proficient with ALL of them and unafraid to use them.



Harvey Weinstein, Louis C.K., Roy Moore, Steven Seagal, Brett Ratner, Kevin Spacey (link to article), the beat goes on. Before that there was Bill Cosby and Rolf Harris. My take on these allegations is a little different. Everyone knew that these people in Hollywood or for that matter on Capitol Hill were no saints. Back in 1974 we thrilled to Wilbur Mills and Fanne Fox | The Big Picture | Arkansas news.

Any adult with an ounce of sense knows never to be alone with strangers. Meetings should be in public places and/or with other people present. Suddenly we’re hearing all kinds of allegations of “abuse,” some dating back to the year of Reagan’s inauguration. One wonders whether people suddenly feel a sense of grievance about ancient events. Or perhaps some of it is greed; or to get their “five minutes of fame.”

I do not condone pedophilia. All that I am asking is how real this abuse really was. Did people at the time relish their moment in the sun with very wealthy and famous people and come to regret it? I don’t think these kinds of events are new. [](


Read the post I responded to. It had no context and was a bit confusing.

There was a time or a culture where boys asked a girls parents permission to date and marry.

I’ve since become more informed. I know he’s accused and that he denies the accusations. I’m not going to grab my pitchfork based on a denied accusation. I don’t know much about this guy to have much of an opinion about him, although I’m aware of his actions with regard to gay rights.

The OP left me scratching my head. Now I understand. Do you consider him guilty? You’re seeing guilt “between the lines.” Is it that obvious? Or just a predisposition?

Are conservatives defending him on any grounds other than his innocence until proven guilty?


First of all, let my say that I don’t know anything about the allegations or varacity thereof; I’m just going to address posts:

I missed the word “need” in your quote. As others have pointed out, some guys are gentleman enough to do it as a courtesy; and abide by it if the answer is no.

As alluded to, although not practiced much these days, it is still done; some guys do still believe in being a gentleman. Whatever the truth of the matter in question, this is a bad argument.

And sometimes still is done.

By the way, good to “see” you again!


The reporting in the article is solid. The claims of the women are credible. Moore’s interview with Hannity about the subject was so weird that it even left Hannity shaken “maybe he was just inarticulate,” Hannity wondered, playing “devil’s advocate.”


I remain skeptical of these accusations. However, time should tell the truth of the matter. I would NOT have approved of a 32-year-old wanting to “court” my teen-aged daughter and I would most assuredly NOT given my permission for him to “date” them.