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So purge everyone who disagrees with you cause it could be me I am an idea!!! Live in your own little (off-color word deleted by Fantasy Chaser) echo box.


Lol. I kind of doubt this, just because we’ve had maybe 50-60 active posters in the entire history of the site.
The only active person I could buy that you used to be was that user who had the alien from Aqua Teen Hunger Force as his avatar. You kind of post like him. Though he was a lot funnier.


Why is this jerk not banned?

  1. And it doesn’t matter. Responsibility is Gov’ts, in every decade.

Further, Goldwater maintained the same position on immigration right up until he died in the 90s. Bring. back. Bracero.

That’s what he wanted instead of amnesty in 1986; he knew it wouldn’t work. You can’t throw a bandaid on the problem, then just go back to what were doing, and expect it to “work this time”.

You need to address the root cause, not symptoms, and the root cause, is a dysfunctional bureaucracy mismanaging immigration.

It’s a more than that. $504 million net fiscal cost for the State & localities in 2005. $17.7 billion added to the State’s GDP in 2006. They cost$ 2.60 billion, they gave $2.09 in taxes. You can change welfare to fill that gap, absolutely.

And your logic for rejecting them, doesn’t follow.

A net boon is a net boon, it’s still giving us a boost, and having a boost, small or large, is better than not having a boost.

All you’re doing is stating a preference; you would prefer “some other” immigrant was here. Not dissuading the fact that these immigrants we have contribute. Which is the point, It means the economy is doing its job, and should be left alone.

Immigration correlates with increased productivity, and increased employment, even for natives.

CWolf, 2nd order effects on labor, pay attention to them, how the economy allocates labor, pay attention to it.

Immigrants spur on labor demand, they create services that wouldn’t otherwise exist, and they go to places that Americans in the cities don’t.

They serve a purpose; to the economy, they’re oil lubricating the gears. They’re a mobile workforce willing to move from place to place when natives prefer to be sedentary. And Americans are very sedentary right now.


Fun fact Dave: E-Verify was built by the same people who made Obamacare.

Y’know how I know it’s flawed? My Employer is one of the 3% of employers whose had to use it for years. And I have an illegal alien coworker from El Salvador.

Not to mention 3 others who are or were in DACA.


So what, AS? Everything the government runs has flaws…but it’s certainly better than nothing at all.


Interesting (and obvious) that you conveniently neglected to mention that you were de facto saying that all other members didn’t have a brain.

I don’t recall any reported posts from you, at least any we deemed valid. Make all the accounts you want; if you keep opening your big mouth like you did here, they’ll all go the same way.

If RO were an echo chamber, you’d have been gone long ago, and CSBrown would be gone (I disagree strongly with him, but he doesn’t seem to have a problem with forum rules). I’d say get over yourself, but I imagine that would be an exercise in futility.

I just got here…


Where’s Roy?


Suspended till 3017, lol. I love this new software. You’re the first to get banned in the new system! Yay, you!!! it’s a celebration :wink:

So let me get this straight. This is the most boring batch of “loosers,” and you’re going to return in a couple of weeks or months? Why? Some kind of derp I guess.

When you do show up on your second or some other account, it’ll be interesting. If you continue to be an idiot, we’ll end up banning you. Of course, you could be decent and cool, then you’ll probably manage to avoid a ban. Then you’ll really have shown us what a bunch of losers we are!!

So good luck with that, man.

Until next time…


What in the actual #@%*? LOL, who really takes any of this seriously enough to go and get himself banned? I guess the democrats’ circular firing squad has some leftists unhinged, maybe? I hate to see anybody get the ban-hammer, though.


Some people make it a funny event.


Uh, try saying that of Obamacare.

Further, you need to think on this more.

Goldwater would have been against this, because the entire system is now set up, where you have to ask the Government’s permission in order to work. Which is completely messed up. If they say no, even if they’re wrong, you don’t work.

And just like with a Gun Registry, or a National Identity card, it doesn’t end with just the thing they built it for.

Ultimately, this will morph into a tool used for SJW purposes. The government will police the racial, and gender composition of a company’s workforce, and you’re giving them the tool to do it with.


Where’s Roy?


Nonsense. No AMERICAN CITIZEN must get the “government’s permission” to work. ONLY immigrants should be so scrutinized. How does a potential employer know if someone is an immigrant? Government-issued, valid ID (green card, etc.), English language competency, valid birth certificate (or not), possession of a foreign passport, or just the employer’s gut feelings. Suspect someone may be an immigrant–legal or otherwise? E-Verify. If the verification is wrong, then the EMPLOYEE should be required to show how it’s NOT correct by producing one of those documents.


Is what you’re saying.

Everyone is scrutinized, I know, I went through it Dave.

Doesn’t matter if you have proof your a citizen/legal or not, until the Government gives it’s consent, you can’t work.

And because the Government scrutinizes everyone, and has the final say, you’re simply giving it the power to police a company’s work force for other purposes.

You didn’t think this through, at all. You just gave Big Brother another tool, and you didn’t think twice about it.


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The thread shall be returned to its original topic. Please take this discussion to an illegal immigration thread or start a new one and then link to it here if you like.
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~shakes head~

Ya’ done good, Sparky.

Well written . . . my compliments.


Is the “Hall of Shame” forum still around?


I think it is gone. The page where members could list their views on political and social issues also seems to be missing.