Roy Moore


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Judge Moore looks like he is going to win so they come out with new “evidence” to replace the old fake “evidence” which has cycled out of the news cycle.

Surprise, surprise, surprise! as Gomer, R.I.P., would have said.

An evil Christmas card, no less.


It’s hilarious that they started this whole imaginary sexual assault deluge to knock out Trump. Yet, they unwittingly set off a firestorm that’s only consuming their own people. John Conyers down. Al Franken down. Piles of entertainment and media folks. Trump is stronger than ever, and Moore about to make it in anyway.


They are getting ready to take the moral high ground when Judge Moore gets elected. There will be enough Republican defectors to eventually expel him from the Senate. But this is not the goal, only setting the table for another run at the President. A secondary benefit from keeping sex in the headlines is to totally obscure the unfolding revelations of corruption, deceit and bias in the Mueller investigation, the FBI and Justice Departments.

Do not doubt that there are several women in the bullpen ready to be unleashed at the right time. Any female that Trump has dated, flirted with, fornicated with or cohabited with are being contacted and coached on how to distort and embellish their encounters.



No concession speech. Waiting for God to cast his ballot. Hoping for 1/2% margin to trigger an automatic recount. More than enough “protest” write in votes to give it to Moore. Governor Kay Ivey should have cancelled the special election and scheduled a new one.

“If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well It were done quickly”.

This was not a repudiation of Trump or Bannon. It has prevented a long and ugly battle in the U.S. Senate. McConnell and Ryan may be doing a happy dance tonight but they might not be so happy next November running on their accomplishments of no Obamacare repeal, no tax cuts, no Wall, no chain migration repeal, no immigration lottery repeal and probably no budget. A pox on their houses.


Roy Moore may as well go quietly because it’s over. He ran a poor campaign and lost in a sold red state.

Now we have Jones the puppet with a hole drilled in his head with a string attached to Chuck Schumer’s finger. It’s going to make it that much harder to get anything passed. But maybe there is a bright side.

This should be the end of Roy Moore running for any other office other than dog catcher. Maybe we can get an electable candidate in 2020. And maybe people will quite listening to Steve Bannon who does not bring much to the table, except bluster, when it comes to political judgement.

In the mean time I guess it’s bad idea to meet women without a chaperone. The idea that a woman can make any accusation she wants and be instantly believed is going to hurt the women’s movement more than they ever imagined.

Who wants to have work with people who can make wild claims just for the sake of getting back you that can ruin your reputation? This is strategy the Democrats are now using to gain the political advantage. They may have lost Al Franken and John Conyers, who was almost finished anyway at his age, but now they have new excuse to use on Trump. I hope that this only a fad that will blow over because it’s going cause a lot of damage before it’s over.


I don’t see it as he ran a poor campaign. I see it as an all out character assassination from the left, supported by Life Leach GOP elected officials.

They somehow thought that a Dem would be easier to work with than someone who was not going to follow all demands of the majority leader.


Devilneck: " I see it as an all out character assassination from the left, supported by Life Leach GOP elected officials."

AMEN, AMEN, and AMEN!!! The dims have (at least in this instance) found a winning strategy that will be unleashed en mass from now on.

And yes, this will hurt the case of women mightily in the long run!!


Having got away with character assassination, they won’t stop there. By 2025, I expect conservative candidates to be murdered while the media cheer their deaths.


Who wants to have work with people who can make wild claims just for the sake of getting back you that can ruin your reputation?

Eh, “getting you back” for what? This idea that women are going to spitefully accuse men of sexual assault for no reason, or over something petty, is just male snowflake persecution delusions. Roy Moore is a disgusting human being, and he lost because there are actually some people of integrity left in the world. Hearing his constant invocation of God, as if this creep were some divinely ordained candidate, was quite possibly the most repugnant political display I’ve ever witnessed, which is saying quite a bit.

This fall of American Protestantism just makes me want to choke. The people supporting Moore in the name of Christ are turning Christianity into a laughing stock.


And you know the women who accused Moore of sexual assault had “no reason” (other than altruistic motives, perhaps) HOW?

And those people (you being one I presume) apparently have the ability to read the minds of the accusers and know that they are telling the truth?

I wouldn’t deny that Moore’s past behavior was perhaps questionable (and so also is the behavior of the accusers . . . Gloria Allred etc.), but that’s as far as those of us who can’t read minds can go.

Does this sound self-righteous to anyone?


Avoiding being alone with a woman is something the left railed against when Mike Pence did it. They insist that we set ourselves up, and that they take advantage of it.

What a diaper load.


Speaking of “diaper loads”


@csbrown28 ???

Look how far we have come so far. The MSM covered the political shooting of Republican Congressmen by a democrat loon. They didn’t cheer, to be sure. Tell me with a straight face that if it had been Democrat Congressmen shot by a deranged Trump supporter it wouldn’t have been the end of the f-ing world. Violent BLM and Antifa criminal thugs are routinely referred to as protesters. In eight years, qixlqatl’s prediction could well come to pass.


It will eventually be proven that these “accusers” were PAID hard cash for their accusations, but it’ll be too late to do anything for Roy Moore. Only two of the 5 or so making charges against Judge Moore alleged that he’d ever done anything physical to them and one of those is a known liar. Even her own FAMILY says so. I don’t believe that Moore did ANYTHING wrong or criminal to these women, but even if he did–IT WAS 40 YEARS AGO. I know LOTS of people who have different attitudes towards sin today compared to what they believed 40 years ago.


Now that their dirty deed is done, these women will fade away just like Herman Cain’s accusers. The left will never tolerate a black Republican presidential candidate if there is any chance they might win.


When exactly was the former time in “Protestant Christianity” when the accepted norm was to condemn a verified good man based on the unsubstantiated accusations of people who never said a word for decades until the 11th hour of a political campaign?

That was of course rhetorical since there has never been such a time, but we are in a time where character assassins believe their Leftist agenda lies give them the “moral high ground”; I guess it does among there own peers but that ground is anything but “high”


Whatever the truth of the Roy Moore matter, the timing of the accusations stinks to high heaven.

And the Clintons have a trail of dead bodies behind them.


Yep, gonna have to agree to disagree, unless you are defining “Democrat” as something I don’t recognize and will NEVER EVER be a part of.