Roy Moore


For what it’s worth (probably not much), but I got on air during a radio show when the Moore accusations first went public. I denounced the rush to judgment by those with influence in our government and the media while simultaneously admitting that I didn’t like him as a potential Senator. I believe that due process is important and that in their rage Dems should remember that someday the shoe will be on the other foot (thank you, Senator Franken!).

So I agree, with you, timing and the optics are terrible, but that does not mean that we shouldn’t take these women seriously. If these are smears, Judge Moore is more than familiar with the law and he should pursue these women in court. Frankly, I find it telling that to this point he hasn’t. Those accusations undoubtedly cost him a Senate seat and if the allegations are false the women that he alleges made false accusations should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I think the same of Trump who threatened to sue and hasn’t. Honestly, that makes me believe that they don’t want to be deposed, but that is just my opinion.


It’s not up to Trump to sue. He has other, much more important things on his plate now. Secondarily, Roy Moore WILL probably sue. It merely takes time to prepare such a suit. First thing, I’d examine each of these women’s bank records and spending habits to see if any large deposits have been made recently or if any of them are suddenly paying off their mortgages, credit card balances, buying a new car or planning a European vacation. I’d almost guarantee that some of them HAVE been paid for their “story.” Of the 5 or 6 women who claim that Moore asked them out, only two have alleged that he ever did anything physical to them and one of those two is a known liar with serious mental problems since BEFORE she says she ever met Roy Moore. She’s also admitted to forging at least part of that entry in her so-called “yearbook.”


The MEDIA didn’t actually cheer, but the LEFT certainly did as evidenced by their comments about it on social media.


Seems like the sexual abuse accuser business is no cheap trick, and Lisa Bloom keeps 1/3 the bounty as a finders fee.

“California lawyer Lisa Bloom’s efforts included offering to sell alleged victims’ stories to TV outlets in return for a commission for herself, arranging a donor to pay off one Trump accuser’s mortgage and attempting to secure a six-figure payment for another woman who ultimately declined to come forward after being offered as much as $750,000, the clients told The Hill.”


Lisa Bloom, by the way, is the DAUGHTER of Gloria Allred.


1 I agree, until/unless they are proven liars or wolf-criers.
2 Not necessarily, given that many lawsuits would cost more than they collect, resulting in a net loss (one shouldn’t have to spend tons of money for justice; it’s become a lawyer’s game instead of justice). Although some who could afford it ought to anyway on principle.


I can’t account for the worst on the left and I wouldn’t expect you to account for the worst of the right.

  1. Agreed. I have no tolerance for false accusations and am cautious of the current cultural swing to believe that accusers are instantly victims and the accused are instantly guilty. I myself was on the Board of Directors of a small non-profit with earnings around 60k per year. Without getting into detail, I was falsely accused of persecuting another member who had cancer (because they had cancer). The accusation had the initial intended effect and I was scorned by the community I was in. Eventually, I was able to show the accusation was a lie, but the community, who had all jumped to conclusions and believed me without evidence felt ashamed and avoided me probably because they were embarrassed.

I spoke to a lawyer who said I’d spend $25-$50k suing for libel, but that I would be lucky to collect $5k in damages.

Having said that, I think that false persecution is abhorrent and there should be better ways to seek restitution without having to bankrupt yourself. However, I know if it becomes too easy, there are too many people that would abuse the system.

  1. I don’t know Moore’s financial situation, but it seems to me that his reputation going forward, especially if he should he ever seek public office again would be important and that setting the record straight would be important. And I think he should if he’s telling the truth and the women are lying. But only they know the truth.

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No woman or man who chooses to say nothing for decades about an “offense” that happened to them (in spite of the fame of the supposed offender) who then decides to “go public” with NO EVIDENCE in the 11th hour of a political campaign; should be taken seriously.

No reasonable person would assume credibility from such a person and “taking them seriously” is encouraging more despicable political tactics from a Party that has no hope of winning anything based on their agenda.

These “accusers” should be ridiculed and dismissed for the lying political hacks they are, they should be sued into bankruptcy from attorney fees and their names should become synonymous with despicable character.

I cannot understand the Republican passion for rewarding the biggest liars and scumbags with credibility, we sit in the ashes of a wholly corrupted Judicial system, public education is destroyed, government is saturated with corruption at every level and our people have lost their property and economic Rights; yet we still want to ignore the OBVIOUS and “take them seriously”?

I often wonder what it would take to convince Republicans that giving credibility to your enemies who have NONE OF THEIR OWN is how you lose even when you win.

I just don’t think it is possible at this point, the utter fear of the obvious truth coupled with an insecure obsession with being “liked” by the most despicable people in this country (who will never stop hating them) is just too great a delusion to shake off.

This is why telemarketing and email scams succeed, the completely baseless offering of trust to those who openly and proudly display their corruption.


Ridiculous of course. 14-year-olds (or other women who have been subjugated due to circumstances in their lives) cannot always be expected to know how to handle such things. Part of the coping mechanism is acceptance and rationalization and trying to put those things behind you. Part of becoming “whole” again is when you can speak out and can be taken seriously. That window is now in light of recent incidents involving some of the most well-known men in our culture.

It does not surprise me that women are stepping forward with true stories of their experiences 10-20-30 years ago, but neither would it surprise me if some of them are lying, which is why due process and evidence is so important. I know you claim to have clairvoyance into these matters, but forgive me if I don’t take you at your word.

People who lie about these experiences (I’m reminded of the Duke rape case) should be prosecuted for the damage they have done (in some cases altering peoples lives beyond repair) to the fullest extent of the law.


Yeah right, when Moore was in the national news for refusing to take down the 10 commandments monument A FEW YEARS AGO these poor women were just too naive to “know how to handle it”.

But… Finally… And of course coincidentally… When he is nearing the end of a political campaign with a big lead; they finally figure out how to express their victim hood.

You know as well as I that they are lying scumbags, you are just enjoying the gullibility of Republicans and hoping it continues.

And you should, if your enemy is so dense that they fall for the same strategy over and over again there is no reason to change strategies.


I agree, but that will NOT regain for the falsely accused their reputation and good name…unless, of course, they are prominent liberals like Al Sharpton or Bill Clinton who are now lionized by the left, despite the FACT that they were proven to be liars and/or a womanizing predator.

The tactics used to take down Roy Moore are now going to be the identical tactics the left will use to take down ANY Republican for awhile. It will become the new “race card”…let’s call it the “rape card.”


And yet, here on this forum, you PARROT the worst of the left frequently.


Did Al Franken resign yet? I haven’t heard anything about it…,.


Ok, but you understand that laws create consequences for behavior are intended to dissuade people, not prevent them. We have laws against theft, that doesn’t prevent theft. But if you steal, there are real consequences (at least for the average person).

If we had a system that took accusations seriously and punished those that falsely accused then perhaps there would be more people that would come forward and be believed if the system was harsher against false accusers.

And you do the same for the right.


He said he was. There are some people asking him not to. I’m not sure how binding his public resignation is.


You are making the presumption that Moore is innocent and that all the allegations are false. Forgive me if I say that I have not come to that conclusion at this point.


Curious . . . have you come to ANY conclusion?


It is not necessary to make any presumption about Moore’s (or anyone’s for that matter) guilt or innocence in order for that tactic to be used effectively by the left.


Conclusion? Absolutely not.

Do I think that it’s probable? Absolutely.

The question is, how does my belief that Moore might have committed at least some of what he’s accused of inform my actions?

In this case, my belief in due process is MUCH stronger than my belief in Moore’s guilt. Thus, my belief in due process informs me that I should publicly advocate for a system that the accused are presumed innocent in the eyes of the law until convicted by a court of his peers no matter how strongly I feel personally and privately.

Obviously, publicly most people let their beliefs about the guilt or innocence of highly publicized cases inform their actions and this, IMO, has lead to the erosion of ideas like “innocent until proven guilty”. This is something that all sides of the political spectrum suffer from.

Culturally these ideas and the importance of them aren’t taught with enough emphasis (remember Civics?). Thus, culturally the trend in the US population has been to value ideas that fit a person’s preconceptions, rather than evaluating evidence and remembering the reason that we have due process in the first place.

Privately, since you ask, I admit I think he’s probably guilty, but publically I’d like to think that I’m more principled as I’m aware of the history of the often abused and overused term “witch hunt”.