Roy Moore


What’s “funny” is your need to generalize based on political views. More evidence you can’t be taken seriously.


Atypical yes, but given his line of work, maybe he realized that if he didn’t stop he’d get caught? I’m still playing devil’s advocate here.

I think it’s a big deal when we are talking about a man who wants to serve in one of the highest positions in our government, but I admit, no laws were broken.

It’s interesting to me how much charachter matters when it’s democrats but how these things can be overlooked when its “your guy”.


Name one example of poor character that has been established regarding Roy Moore, your side makes proved degenerates into heroes then you try to equate the same to us because known degenerates make unsubstantiated accusations about Conservatives.

Only the mind seeking justification would equate factual evidence to tales spun by liars with an agenda, such is the plite of those who knowingly embrace and defend the indefensible.


Submitted 20 minutes apart, Brown. I guess we can stop taking you seriously, huh? Oh, wait, no we can’t…:smiley:

EDIT: I looked at the wrong time stamp. Both of Browns’s posts say (at this point) 1h. So not even A MINUTE apart. :smiley: I don’t even have to present examples of the left’s hypocrisy, you just did it for me. LOLOLOLOLOL


He wanted to be a U.S. Senator. What has his asking a couple of 18-19-year-old girls on a date 38 YEARS ago have to do with his fitness to so serve?


You realize that makes no sense right?

You were making an accusation of an entire group of people (democrats). I was making an observation about your generalization of Democrats.


If that’s all he had done, nothing I suppose. There is plenty that he has done, like saying that Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to serve in government, saying that homosexuality (or acts thereof) should punishable by law and has stated that the Bible comes before the Consitution.


My tribe speaks Mollusk… Magna-mini


And immediately generalized about conservatives. By putting “your guy” into those quotes, you made it plain you were not using ‘your’ in the particular sense, but in the general sense. Maybe we should talk about how “your side” “overlooked” “your guy” Ted Kennedy abandoning Mary Jo Kopechne to die under horrific circumstances? Maybe we should talk about how “your side” “overlooked” “your guy” Hillary Clinton’s feloniously illicit email server, or “your guy” Bill Clinton’s tarmac meeting with then AG “your guy” Loretta Lynch while his wife was the subject of a DOJ investigation into that server? You want more? I tell ya there’s a million of 'em.

You want to make an issue of conservatives making character judgments of democrats? Somebody’s got to do it and democrats won’t do it themselves.

Are any of the women who accused Roy Moore pursuing the matter any further since the election?


“If Mary Jo could swim, I’d be President”
-Ted Kennedy


I really think the best thing is to be careful about the use of “your guy.” For example, not every liberal voted for Hillary or Bernie, and not every conservative voted for Trump.


I did not imply that “your guy” belonged to any group or affiliation, which is precisely why I used the term. “Your guy” could be anyone, the important thing is that “your guy” is the person you (or PD in this case) choose to defend.


They simply don’t stop. They keep thinking they can get away with it, and won’t get caught, even if they do time after time. A pedophile is usually “compulsive” about his behavior. It takes more guts than he’s got to stop. I suspect that Papa Dave would back me up on this.


He’s right on all counts.


Well, I’m not sure how old you are, but when the internet generation hit’s it’s 30’s and 40’s if you are still around, I suspect you’ll be pretty disappointed as I don’t see that group as terribly Conservative.


Muslims should NOT be permitted to serve in government when such service requires them to swear an oath to protect the Constitution since their “religion” is diametrically antithetical to that document. He’s said that homosexual BEHAVIOR should be illegal…not that homosexuality itself should be. A case COULD be made that he is right since homosexual BEHAVIOR is decidedly unhealthy and shortens lives. BTW, the Bible DID come before the Constitution…by about 1500 years or so, but I understand you are saying that he claimed the teachings of the Bible are morally (and legally) superior to the Constitution. I really don’t see much conflict between the Christian Bible and our Constitution–which WAS, in fact, written and adopted by Christians.


It wasn’t my intention to single you (or liberals in general); I just meant it as a general observation more or less independent of the central debate.


What has that got to do with what I said?


Well, instead of telling you your wrong, I thought I’d just comment your comment. That is, unless you think you can somehow prove me wrong.

  1. Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to serve in government?

Why, because the nation was founded by men who were mostly Christian?

If I remember correctly, women didn’t have many of the rights they have today when the country was founded. Should we keep women out of Congress, hell all elected offices for that matter?

Now to be clear, I’m not saying that we should accept all forms of Islam, but neither should we accept all forms of Christianity.


BS, CS. When the nation was founded, the ONLY right women were denied was the vote…period. They could do everything else the Constitution permitted men to do…and did. Islam is antithetical to our Constitution. One may NOT be a believing, practicing Muslim, dedicated to all the precepts of the Qu’ran, AND be devoted to the U.S. Constitution, too.