Roy Moore


Analyst Says Judge Roy Moore Signature Inside Gloria Allred Accuser’s Yearbook Was FORGED

Signed in December?

Yearbooks are published at the end of the school year: summer.

Christmas is the MIDDLE of the school year.]


thegatewaypundit has published two fake Moore stories in as many days. I’ll bet on a trifecta.

NOBODY is picking up these stories. Drudge and Breitbart have not linked to them.


Whether or not he wins the election Roy Moore is TOAST.


Biden and Franken both credibly accused. There’s a chance here to stand up for character and decency in public officials if the wack nuts on both sides will take it. Not holding my breath. Biden, Franken, Moore…they all need to be done. Now we see if anyone really gives a shit.


That’s so true. Biden can’t in 2020 not in a post Harvey world. Franken might hasten the rust belt turning red. We can either call out bs on both sides, btw Huffington post front page top story is Franken. We have 3 options.

  1. Treat rape as a serious crime and accusation as we always have.
  2. Redfine rape to protect our tribes
  3. Only charge rapists with the most damning and severe evidence I mean beyond a thousand reasonable doubts.

one Is a perservation of the status quo but will require a rejection of Biden, Moore and Franken.
two Would represent a moral ill of society.
three Some rapists would get off scott free…


I worked 8 YEARS as a police detective and can assure you that easily HALF of the rape accusations I investigated turned out to be bogus–and I investigated EVERY such accusation brought to my attention. Often it was a way a woman or girl got back at a perceived wrong–a girl mad because her father or step-father had placed her on restriction, a woman who was dropped by an ex-boyfriend, in one case, a girl made the accusation because her father had refused to give her her expected allowance!


Is there no end to your bullshit?


And we can’t forget to add to the list our Grab-em-by-the-(obscene word edited by Fantasy Chaser)-in-chief. Complete disgrace to the country. That scumbag has gotta go.


It seems you have chosen option three I don’t believe you were ever a cop tho.


Looks like a couple of people here hate Moore so badly that they will believe a lie if it says what they wish were true. And you two - j. & m. - how much do you know about police work?


Because you’re a partisan hack, you believe everyone must be.

I don’t believe the allegations because I hate Moore. I hate Moore because I believe the allegations.


What do you think of Franken hes on the front page of liberal Huffington post. I believe it and he’s team blue. It’s not that I hate Moore I strongly disagree with him but as an American I can not condone rape. So it’s only rape and molestation when Winstine, Franken and Biden do it?


Yep. 1968 through 1976. Then I TAUGHT criminal justice for 5 more years at a Community College, until hired by a major oil company.


Looks as if the accusers’ stories are coming unraveled. Owner of the mall in question at the time says the latest accuser’s story is false…that Moore was NEVER “banned” from the mall for any reason. Secondly, the so-called “inscription” in that woman’s yearbook citing “December of 1977” was also bogus. Moore’s attorney has offered to have the handwriting analyzed by an independent expert and Allred has refused to make the original available. Why would an accuser need to READ her statement before the camera if she’s telling the truth, by the way? Another teen who had worked on Moore’s campaign years ago said that he was NEVER inappropriate with her and treated her and other young girls working there with the utmost respect. The original accuser’s own step-son says that his step-mom is a known liar and was likely doing this for money.


And you “believe the allegations” because you WANT to believe them…not because they have even a shred of believability


Can I ask a question about Franken…

Before I do, let me make it clear that what he did was wrong and I’m not trying to defend it, but I am curious…

This is being defined as “groped”


“feel or fondle (someone) for sexual pleasure, especially against their will.”

Is this “groping” someone? I mean yes, this was against her will, but that alone does not constitute groping.

Besides the fact that, while being extremely close to her breasts, I’m not sure what he’s doing qualifies as groping. Am I wrong? Can anyone really get “sexual pleasure” through a flack jacket in a room of other people?

I think it’s pretty obvious he didn’t want her to wake and the fact that she didn’t tell’s me that he never touched her.

I don’t think he “groped” her, but here is where the liberal left is so F’ing cowardly.

So I’m questioning it, though I don’t condone it. I think he did it as a joke, but I think it was a joke in poor taste and I think some women might be humiliated by it.

Now taken with the other accusation of a forced kiss this act appears worse.

But I have a question about that too.

She claims he “forced his tongue into her mouth”, but if we’re really parsing things here, like so many seem willing to do for Mr. Moore. Why would she open her mouth? I’ve kissed a lot of girls in my days and I’m trying to imagine a girl using her tongue to force open my mouth (or me using mine to open the mouth a girl who didn’t want me too). Now I know guys are stronger than women, but is the tongue really dexterous enough and strong enough to open the jaw of a woman who doesn’t want a tongue in her mouth? In her interview on CNN, she explicitly states it wasn’t planned to be a passionate kiss (using their tounges), I just want to know why, if she was soooo disgusted by him, why she would open her mouth?

Maybe she was shocked and her mouth just happened to be open? I suppose that’s a remote possibility, but if a woman I detest sticks her tongue in my mouth, she’s going to walk away with a very, very sore tongue. For me, my reaction to a woman I didn’t like putting her hand on the back of my head and coming at me like she was going to kiss me, would NOT be to open my mouth.

She was obviously in control as she states she pushed him away and he let go…

If he kissed her, with or without a tongue, he was wrong. He was wrong for taking the pic pretending to grope her, but there’s more to this.

Is it possible for her to be both right in the claim she makes and self-serving in that this gives her attention? I mean, let’s remember she is a public persona as a radio host.

Now I won’t pretend to understand her motivations and I’m not “victim blaming”, but everyone seems pretty willing to give Moore the benefit of the doubt, does Franken deserve it as well?

As far as Mr. Moore, the day 4 accusers had come forward, I called into a radio show and said that I worried about how little evidence there was and that we shouldn’t be so quick to judge. If all it takes to convince the public is a story in the WP about 4 women making accusations from 30 years ago, what if this story ends up being fake, or what happens when someone you like is similarly accused? I thought then there was a rush to judgment. Since then there are more stories.

I tend to believe them because, if it’s true, and the Post found the women (meaning they didn’t come forward), that lends a bit of credibility.

As far as the signature in the yearbook, if you were going to fake something, that seems like a pretty stupid thing to fake as it proves almost nothing.

Having said that, I think there is some truth to it, but I’m willing to let the evidence speak for itself, in both cases.


You see that anger about being denied your validity as a cop, thats what it feels like to be denied truth. People don’t often just scream rape ok… it’s not an ongoing comedy joke that women scream rape. Just take you own experience of not being believed there.


No Mainstream news station CBS/NBC or Fox Affliate agrees with those states or even I’d take the Wallstreet Journal which is owned by newscorp as long as it isn’t an opinion piece.


I just find it fascinating how much we keep talking about things that have nothing to do with their job as a senator.

When I’m looking to hire someone to re-roof my house, what I do not do is ask them if they’re on good terms with their father, and if they’ve done a foreign mission trip. Because that has nothing to do with ripping up shingles and putting new ones on. I care about their experience in roofing. I care if they are licensed and have insurance. What I do not care about is whether they will take the money I pay them and spend it on organic vegan food, or cheeseburgers and beer.

These questions about Franken and Moore are quite important - if you are intending on personally dating, or working with either of these men. As I am not, I don’t care. It has nothing to do with their job performance as a senator.

If one of them has done something criminal, let them be charged convicted and put in prison. If one of them has does something that warrants civil restitution instead, let their accuser sue them and let a jury determine how much they should be punished financially. None of those issues have anything to do with their effectiveness as a legislator.



So you didn’t hate him until these allegations were made . . .