Roy Moore


Oh please. Just picked a random article from Breitbart.

Scroll down to the comments section:


I can see Mr Anderson has not improved one bit and the language he used against a solid member is unwarranted. And the mods just let it pass.


No thanks. You actually read comments to internet articles? That’s hilarious.


Here, let me help you out by quoting some of the Trump supporters on Breitbart. Just goes on and on and on like this.

**Johnny ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ aka Randy Yonkers **
typical thankless minority scumbag, “it wasnt a serious crime” , in china you do 10 years , hows that for not serious, and to show how you didnt need his help, send the kid back, let him face the not so serious charges ,

**Carrington Spensor ✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ **
Black people take no responsibility for their actions. Nor are they terribly smart. And they’d best stop the spread of Socialism in the US. Because after their complaining, endless demands, and refusal to live by the laws, most of them would be taken by the government to who knows where to work, and later shot when the prison becomes too crowded.

**Bobby Boucher **
you can’t teach the stupid out of dumb monkey like him.

Gofastgo Cartman • 3 hours ago
It’s far more than just this family, it’s the black race, a very large part of it’s entirety .


And this means something to you? And you wonder why I used the adjective hilarious?


I find that hilarious, since he’s an avowed protectionist, who uplifts Argentina and Brazil as examples nations should shoot for.

Free market? Na, that makes the people awful, he says.

Another person whose confused economics as an outlet for cultural warfare.


Ah. I confess I don’t know anything about Cwolf or his posts. I assumed since someone called him a “minarchist” that he must have been (disingenuously) talking about free markets or something. But of course, anyone who is a Trump supporter is by that very fact someone who has no interest either in free markets or small government.


Cool the namecalling crap. I’m pretty sure you know better.

No, the mods didn’t see it until now. Don’t expect us to have seen everything you see when you see it.


Uh, the Vietnam War? Like, the very thing Bush gets compared to?

Still, I can see the point that qualities that makes good leaders can at times be at odds with being a good person in their own lives. The same trend has been pointed to CEOs like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.

But this doesn’t make the discussion on personal virtue irrelevant. It was personal virtue that made our Republic possible, and it takes people with that same virtue to keep it going.

The lack of it gives you nations like South Africa, a place awashed in cronies and would-be despots.

“Getting things done” is not the highest virtue. Not even close. That makes sense in the private sector; but in Government, there are very good reasons for why their hands are typically tied.


Yet, by today’s “standards”, Washington and the other founders are claimed to be wholly WITHOUT “virtue” because they owned slaves. It makes little difference to today’s “social justice warriors” that they were religious men who were living in a time when slavery was entirely acceptable and considered “moral”…just as it had been so considered for centuries and in ALL societies, bar none.


Do you know him personally? Or meet him? I think that would be pretty cool.

The mods did not “just let it pass.” I edited it as soon as I saw it and saw that it had been flagged by another mod, and then I liked the post. At the bottom of each post is a flag you can use to flag posts that violate the rules. That should get our attention if things work right.

Why the chip on the shoulder?

Yah, they’re probably not that common, but those racists really do exist, and they’re loud. And I don’t think Trump supporters are racists or any more amoral than any other group of folks.

But as long as Trump supporters are cool with Trump’s excesses, a big chunk of them owe President Clinton an apology and the charge that they’re amoral has a certain ring of truth.


Do you know him personally? Or meet him? I think that would be pretty cool.

I don’t know him personally, but we swim in the same circles. He’s a really nice fellow. I did a reading group with him when I was younger and came away very impressed. All of his work is extremely good.

Yah, they’re probably not that common

They’re everywhere man. What do you think would happen if a black man running for president was caught on tape saying he grabs em by the p* without asking? This board would be going nuclear. That’s white supremacy.


I remember RET saying some nonsense about it not being sexual assault because Trump says they “let” him grab em by the p* without asking. You mean like they “let” George HW? Or Al Franken? Or Bill Clinton? What do people expect? If a powerful, wealthy man suddenly grabs you, most women are going to feel stunned and often intimidated. What do they have to do in order for it to count as sexual assault? Punch him? If you grab a woman without consent, that’s sexual assault. So Trump is either a sexual abuser, or a pathetic liar, or (more likely) both. It’s time to stop letting these creeps get away with sexual abuse.


I don’t see the flag you are talking about. Are you sure it isn’t just for mods?


I simply corrected your misrepresentation of what Trump said J, he said “when you are famous they let you”. Which was immediately followed by the question about Billy’s co host who Trump said was attractive being receptive to such action and Trump said “Oh no, she is very much into her husband”.

You portrayed his comment as him claiming he does this without consent when all he said was there are lots of attractive groupies that make themselves available to famous and/or wealthy men.

Which everyone knows is true.

The FACT that there is not ONE CREDIBLE ALLEGATION in Trumps life of sexual abuse in spite of employing thousands of women worldwide for decades is plenty to expose his critics as mere partisan hacks on this subject.


Just so everyone knows: The “flag” that you click on to report a post is accessed by clicking on the little symbol (at the bottom of the post you want to report; the thing that looks like “—” next to “Reply”), and it’ll expand the range of buttons you can click. Click on the flag symbol (don’t confuse it with the bookmark one; I almost did), and it’ll bring up the reporting protocols.


This is nothing but a witch hunt that is been cooked up by the Democrats to turn a safe “red Senate seat” into a place for another Chuck Schumer clone.

The Democrats are like the Communist Party. They all vote in a block. No differing points of view are allowed.

When the Democrat, Al Franken, gets caught with his hand on a set boobs as a 50+ year old man, that’s okay because he votes the right way for the “oppressed people.” When a Republican does it in their youth, 30 or 40 years ago, it’s crime against humanity.

Rush Limbaugh closed his program the other day with the question, “Will Franken resign tomorrow or the next day?” How about NEVER? There is double standard, one for licentious Democrats and other for Republicans.


Pathetic, man. Disgraceful. Please get a shred of moral integrity.


Accusations is now proof that Moore did it?

The age of Consent in Alabama is 16



Ha! You are one to talk.

Your party won’t even support deporting illegal aliens who commit felonies and return to this country time and time again. Your party nominated the worst presidential candidate in history. She and her husband took big money from foreign countries, including Russia, and a big Wall Street investment house. She gave away a substantial part of our uranium assets to the Russians.

Look, if Roy Moore is guilty, then kick him out of the Senate and have the governor appoint someone else. That will be better than another Chuck Schumer / Elizabeth Warren clone. I used to try to debate you people, you won’t discuss the issues any more. All you do is invent stories about Trump and Russia, and now you invent stories about inappropriate behavior EXCEPT when it concerns one of your own, like Al Franken.

I am not a socialist or a communist. The leadership of your party has gone in that direction, and once you do that, ideology takes over, and common sense and the facts are abandoned.