Roy Moore


What’s “disgraceful” is your continued support for the REAL mysoginists–virtually everyone (including females) in the Democrat Party. Unrelenting attacks on ANY woman abused by a Democrat and passes given to the attackers IF they’re Democrats. If you’re still supporting the Democrat Party members after the last 30 years, you’re no better than any of THEM. It will eventually come out that “reporters” from the WaPo or Establishment Republicans like McConnell or McCain have PAID Moore’s accusers for their accusations, in the latter case, probably using OUR money to do so.


So you voted for the woman who ran the bimbo eruption team on behalf of her husband who was a rapist and serial sexual abuser. Her strategy was to demean, threaten, bribe and character assassinate any woman who spoke up about the crimes that her husband had perpetrated on them.

But you say that i am lacking because I won’t join your misrepresentation about something a guy I did not even vote for said?

Truth is an enemy (and an unknown one) for those who drink the Clinton Kool-Aid in any of its manifestations, you actually tried to give the White House to the most despicable enemy of women and human decency that has ever been atop a major party ticket; much can be gleaned from that but the “Moral High Ground” is not on that list.


Here’s a CRAZY idea: Let’s see what the evidence is instead of convicting on an accusation

Nah, that’d never work, because if we start basing our conclusions on the actual evidence, Al Franken would be GONE, and we all know he will be protected come hell or high water.


Multiple police Verify Roy Moore banned from local mall for attemping to pickup teenage girls.
@pappadave you wanna discredit a fellow officer… shes speaking:


From your second list:

“Well, the rumor mill was that he liked young girls,” Gary said, “And, you know, we were advised that he was being suspended from the mall because he would hang around the young girls that worked in the stores and, you know, really it had gotten to a place where they say he was harassing.”

If he was really stalking and harassing as this former officer claims,why didn’t they make an arrest?

Stalking is a crime,which should have been easy to prove since the former officer claims they (the police dept) SEE him doing it at Malls and Ballgames. Something doesn’t add up since the police according to this former officer had enough cause to make the arrest.

By the way making multiple accusations this late in the campaign trail also smells,since NONE of the accusers have filed suit or made a class action lawsuit,involving alleged multiple accusers. It has the appearance of a political smear hit at this point.


Mushroom, the Mall states they have NO record of him being banned. The police claims he was banned,which again would have given them cause to arrest him for stalking,but they never did, gee I wonder why…?


I think they didn’t arrest him because he was important people… The mall has no record as a result of the age of the issue and multiple management changes. Were getting to beyond a resonable doubt. Infact some people here don’t doubt the claims and still support him I can respect that I can’t respect denial. I was in denial once in my life… at 18 just a froppy haired kid. Denial is a serious regressive issue.


Mushroom, you didn’t address the fact that POLICE didn’t arrest him for at least stalking. I am not trying to defend him no matter what,I defend the rule of law,where accusing anyone MUST be settled in court,otherwise it is called SLANDER

" slander

n. oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another, which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed. Slander is a civil wrong (tort) and can be the basis for a lawsuit. Damages (payoff for worth) for slander may be limited to actual (special) damages unless there is malicious intent, since such damages are usually difficult to specify and harder to prove. Some statements, such as an untrue accusation of having committed a crime, having a loathsome disease or being unable to perform one’s occupation, are treated as slander per se since the harm and malice are obvious and therefore usually result in general and even punitive damage recovery by the person harmed. Words spoken over the air on television or radio are treated as libel (written defamation) and not slander on the theory that broadcasting reaches a large audience as much as if not more than printed publications."

Surely you know accusations are not proof of anything. Evidence and trial is the way to settle the issue.

Otherwise YOU are the one in denial,since you are running on accusations,some that have already been exposed as lies.


What you’re in denial about is that you deny that there’s NO evidence that Roy Moore ever did ANY of the things he’s currently being accused of doing. A former manager of the mall DENIES that there was ever any “ban” of Moore from the mall–and he would undoubtedly have known for certain. This freaky-looking black woman claims to be a “former police officer” who “knew” that Moore was suspected of being a “stalker” of young girls. WHERE was she during the past 40 years when he was running multiple times for office? This all smells to high heaven and I don’t buy it.


Yeah, we both know that accusations are not the same as evidence. The Mall has no record of him being banned,the police could have easily arrested him if he was indeed stalking,since THEY say he was already banned from the mall.

It isn’t adding up well at this point.


“Important” people get arrested, too.


The only “important people” who don’t get arrested are the Klintons.


Did you read this somewhere, or is this “as a result of” nonsene of your own devising?


WHO is “getting beyond a reasonable doubt” and why are they doing so?


What is your definition of “denial”?

What were you “in denial” about?


See post #89 Above.


Yes, I saw that.

My question is not about his denial of the mall thing, but rather what he means by his “denial once in my life” at 18.


It depends on what your definition of “is” is…


I was in clinical denial once, and I don’t have to mention it to anyone here.Roy Moore is either going to lose or win, either way it hurts you guys cause he’s like some crude puppet of everything bad the Dems have said about the GOP for 10 years and intellectual republicans have been like no we aren’t like this ______ roy moore trait. Family Values & Teenage grope elect him don’t either way it sucks for you guys. Democrats have values we just don’t wear them on our sleeve. We cleaned our house when andrew weiner was running for office. We will clean it with Minnesota, and Biden’s future is dead. Conyers I haven’t had enough time to research that these are coming so fast. You have one job clean your own party I can’t do that for you remember last time voters soured on Foley the boy groper he was never found guilty lol.


Oh, BS. The Democrats’ ONLY “value” is covering for each other continually–until they’re no longer useful to Democrats. They are the party of racism, just for example. Slave-owners were ALL Democrats, as were (and are) members of the KKK and Arian Nations. Jim Crow was a DEMOCRAT institution, passed by Democrats. The only KKK member to sit on the supreme court was a Democrat, appointed by FDR. The only KKK member to sit in the U.S. Senate, was a Democrat–Robert Byrd of West Virginia, who Hillary often called her “mentor.” It was a Democrat who segregated the military services (Woodrow Wilson). It was Democrats who tried to filibuster both the '64 Civil Rights Act AND the ‘65 Voting Rights Act, and it was a Democrat who instituted the so-called “War on Poverty”–LBJ who famously said after signing the legislation, “That’ll keep the ni##ers voting Democrat for 100 years.” Democrats swapped physical slavery for economic slavery of black Americans in order to keep them on the Democrats’ “plantations.” Yeah, Democrats have real “values” alright.

“Mushroom Kingdom” is certainly an appropriate name for you. You grow mushrooms by keeping them in the dark and feeding them sh^t.