Roy Moore


My reasoning is simple:

  1. Gloria Allred won’t allow an impartial expert examination of the yearbook.

  2. Therefore the yearbook is a partial or complete fabrication.

  3. Therefore the entire allegation cannot be taken at face value.

My best guess is that Roy Moore had some sleazy behaviour in his past but nothing violent or illegal.


I have Latino family call me a racist again, my step brother bunks with me when seasonal work dries up. When was the last time you even talked to someone who wasn’t white. I live in Muskegon Michigan a very racially diverse city… my neighborhood is like a third white a third black a third other… I bet you live in some cute little suburb or rural area and play golf or drive big trucks. Yeah were so effing racist despite living alongside minorities we are clustered in urban areas that is a fact. Like I said anyone who points to the modern Democratic party and says Racist is either brainwashed beyond belief or trolling. Were not prudes we screw a lot and are open about it, we smoke herb, we half ass everything, we unionize, we care for the poor, hell we are poor. Modesty is your thing, Greed is your thing, frugality is your thing, racism is also your thing tell me how not racist the alt-right is and how it’s both sides. It’s not welfare when the system is stacked against urban voters, urban homeowners, urban businesses. I thank the Lord every day I was born into the Urban poor, because I don’t have rich suburban problems… that I can relate to my fellow man, that I can break bread with just about anybody.


They are taking jobs no one else shows up for, farmers have stated this again and again.

Either we import labor, or we import our food.” - Indiana Farm Bureau

Further, if you don’t examine what immigrants add to job creation, then you aren’t looking at even half the issue.

We don’t live in a fixed pie world, if we did, the Left would be correct, and rich are getting richer at the poor’s expense.

They’re wrong for the same reason immigrants don’t take all the jobs: the pie grows.

“The left” is an insult directed at me. He’s more blatant at times at how closely he uses it to refer to me, but that’s basically it.

And he’s wrong, he’s wrong, and he can’t even respond to the other conservatives I’ve brought up who show he’s wrong. He just goes after me instead.


Mr Slim you are the only one with a brain here and this is why your party is doomed. I may not agree with all of Ludwig Von Mises but when it comes to supply and Demand he was straight on. Our country could turn into Abenomics, if we are not careful. You are damned to be the voice of reason in a desert. Nationalism is the most destructive form of politics one could ever imagine. When one will spite their hand to preserve the look on their face, and the hatred in their heart. Honestly I’d really hope you’d become a New Democrat or a Thirdway centrist but you are deeply rooted in the non-agression principle. Well sometimes people need a push.


@sunsettommy When it comes to Moore it’s like that movie Doubt. All the evidence points toward a predator, but there is no smoking gun. Tons of circumstancial evidence. It’s more likely than not that he did some things to teenagers back in the 80s. Beyond a reasonable doubt no, but more likely than not. Then the news is so polarized that either it’s a conspiracy, or a sure thing. Project Veritas tried to fool the washington post… they didn’t take the bait they do too much background checking. Right now each party is protecting their own if Doug Jones wins Fraken and Coyners are toast. If Moore wins it’s the status quo and he will be an anchor on your party for moderates in the rust belt.


I see that you Mushroom still have nothing beyond hearsay,with doesn’t even reach the level of circumstantial evidence. Hearsay is routinely ruled not admissible in court,for a good reason to prevent kangaroo courts from sprouting all over the place.

unsupported accusations is insufficient for prosecution,which is why nothing is going to be done.

In America we are presumed INNOCENT until proven guilty in a court of law.

I like old_dogs simple comment,which you didn’t reply to,I am shocked,really shocked!!!

"Gloria Allred won’t allow an impartial expert examination of the yearbook.

Therefore the yearbook is a partial or complete fabrication.

Therefore the entire allegation cannot be taken at face value".


Meanwhile Mushroom, your hypocrisy goes noticed in your silence about Al “the groper” Franken.

Drop your partisanship bullcrap!


I can (and DO) break bread with anybody too. What’s your point? Just HOW do you think “the poor” “take care of” the poor? By voting for those in government who’ll give them “stuff” maybe? What you don’t seem to get (and I doubt you’ll EVER get) is that those politicians that you adore aren’t “helping” you with THEIR money. They’re stealing it from those who’ve earned it and giving it to those who haven’t–unless you believe that voting to keep them in power is somehow “earning” government largesse. I was raised poorer than you probably can imagine. I got where I am today by WORKING…working towards multiple college degrees back when they were USEFUL, and working my tail off in order to make myself valuable to my employers. I had some help, of course. My wife worked too until 9 years ago. My daughter earned two undergrad degrees, pledged a sorority and lived in her own apartment off-campus and drove a slightly-used BMW. When she graduated, she was debt-free. We live in a modest-sized home in SW Oklahoma City in a nice neighborhood. I have black neighbors within 4 houses from us in either direction. We’ve raised 5 foster kids with whom we maintain close relationships. Our “natural” son lives in Clearwater, Florida and our adopted, black son lives in Dallas now and his kids are grown with kids of their own who call me “Pappadave,” which is where my on-screen name comes from. Our foster daughter is married to an Army doctor who is stationed in Ohio. They have 3 daughters, one of whom is now married and a Registered Nurse living in Las Vegas. We lost another foster son to cancer when he was 26. Two others live close-by in Norman, OK. We attended the 4th birthday party of one of their grandkids this past Sunday. Our grandson just turned 21 today and is serving in the Navy at Norfolk, VA.

Just how many people do you think we’re are supposed to be “taking care of?” I believe that God put us on this Earth to take care of our families and as many others as we’re reasonably able to, and we practice what we preach. I can find nothing in Christianity that says that we must give the government over half of our earnings so IT can give it to those the government believes are “deserving.”



Really? That’s not acceptable.

This is an official warning:
You will not insult the members, even through exclusion as demonstrated in this post.
You will also not hint at violence towards other political parties that you don’t agree with.

You might think it’s cute. You might think it’s funny. It isn’t. Do it again and I’ll ban you.

I hope that’s clear enough.


Let’s be clear on the forum rules: Attack content of the posts if you see fit, but don’t attack RO members. De facto saying that RO members other than one don’t have brains is a clear insult and doesn’t fly here.


Interesting isn’t it? Solid, sound principles. I’m glad you understand that New Democrats, like Democrats in general, are in fact aggressors in favor of using violence and force to get whatever it is you want and opposed to real peaceful liberalism. :grin: :+1:


I’m lumping state and federal together, and including the cost of medical care, and education for their children. I am not saying they receive $12,000 in direct cash or cash equivalents. I’m not aware of a lot of illegals living in section 8, though RET seems to think there is. He’s on the ground in California, so I’m inclined to assume his knowledge on the matter is superior to my own.

This is exactly what Trump is proposing.


I’ve actually very strongly wondered wtf is wrong with the Left thinking they’d win a violent struggle. What is like 80% of the USMC? Conservative. Who owns all the guns? Conservatives. Who make up 4/5 of the people who can bench their own body weight or take a punch? Conservatives.

It’s just a bizarre idea. There is zero doubt which group would come out on top in a violent struggle.


NOT the people hiring ILLEGAL “immigrants” (read invaders). They are subverting the legal system and should be fined enough to put them OUT of business.


"Don’t offer amnesty to those already here illegally. Sanctions against employers who hire illegal immigrants are unfair; it is the government’s responsibility to determine who is here legally.

Start a guest worker program to “channel the flow” of illegal immigrants through a legal mechanism.

And establish a clear immigration policy that is actually enforced."

– Barry Goldwater

Employers were hiring these people since before the law changed and made them illegal.

It’s time the Government quit getting in the way of economics, and had policy that reflects the reality on the ground.

Either Gov’t works with farmers, the meat packers, the ranchers, the contractors, or it drops all pretense that Government is at all part of solution, and is not itself the problem.


That study I gave you includes both State and federal programs; they’re dished out through State-run offices.

Federally, they’re a net boon, and as the Texas study shows, they’re always a net boon to the economy no matter what your level of analysis.

15x. That’s how much bigger their contribution was to the Texan economy, vs their fiscal cost.

Thus, you can fix the latter by restructuring welfare; the money exists, they just have to find a way to collect it. The ball is in policymaker’s court to fix this problem; they have no business messing with the economy, when it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to. It was government and the structure of the welfare state that failed here.

With or without immigrants, we’d need to fix this anyway, so they’d better get to it. If they care. Which I doubt.


Mushroom, if you ever come back here like an adult,here is an expose of that Lady cop with her unsupported claims about watching him at ballgames. It was made up as shown at Breitbart:

Cop Accuser Implodes in Breitbart Interview, Admits to Making Unsupported Claims About Roy Moore

"Meanwhile, in her interview with Breitbart News, Gary repeated her unsubstantiated claims about protecting cheerleaders from Moore. She claimed that her police department “had gotten a complaint that Roy Moore had been standing around watching the cheerleaders.”

“We worked the ball games,” she continued. “We worked all over the stadium. We were told to pay special attention to the cheerleaders’ stage. We had plenty to do at the ball game but that was one of the assignments also.”

Asked whether she was aware of another former or current police officer who would be able to publicly verify those claims, Gary responded, “No. I don’t know anybody that would want to go get on the news and tell it. I don’t. I sure don’t. I wish I did.”

Gary was challenged on why she waited all these years to go public.

Here is a transcript of that section of the interview:

KLEIN: If you knew about these rumors, why wait until now? If it is true, then couldn’t you have protected other women before now?

GARY: No. I couldn’t have protected anybody. I came out after the nine women came out. I remembered the incident when it happened back in the late 70s and early 80s. I had no reason to come out.

KLEIN: He was a Supreme Court Justice (in Alabama). He was a top politician in Alabama. So why now? Why not then?

GARY: I had no reason to come out. When the Corfman girl came out with her story that’s when I came out with my statement. After she came out with hers.

KLEIN: What I am saying is if you believe…

GARY (interrupts): Listen man, I know what Breitbart News is. So, when you quote me you better quote me right.

KLEIN:  Oh, we are quoting every word. Don’t worry. I am not going to misquote you.

GARY: Ok. I came out after the women came out with the accusations of what Roy Moore had done to them. I had no reason to come out before that. Had they not come out, I never would have even thought about what Roy Moore did. Because he wasn’t somebody that I thought about."


She is full of lies,since she admits she has no evidence to support her claims. This normally called SLANDER!

She had motivation to lie because her BROTHER was prosecuted by Moore:

"The news media seemingly failed to vet Gary, with numerous articles and the MSNBC interview not mentioning that Moore was the prosecutor in an 1982 high profile case that sent her brother, Jimmy Wright, to prison on charges of possession of a controlled substance. This after a second charge, unlawful sale of a controlled substance, was dropped.

The case was known locally as the “drugs in the mouth” case because, according to the state’s evidence, Wright allegedly tried to hide cocaine wrapped in foil in his mouth while his home was being searched. The Gadsden Times on April 9, 1982, documented how in his closing arguments, Moore put wrapped foil in his mouth that was ten times larger than the foil allegedly found on Wright in order to demonstrate that such a feat was possible."

Another lying Liberal is what she is with an axe to grind.


That was the 1960s, man. Totally different on a tech front. No, back then it was much harder to figure out if someone was a citizen. Now I’m a $50 online background check away from having great certainty. Name doesn’t match SS#? Not hiring. Very easy.

Total contribution, economic productivity and household services(not cash) received at a combined state and federal level. That works out to about 4x. Which is crap. And worse than any other immigrant group by a mile. It also ignores the productivity they are eliminating by displacing American workers.


Nonsense. Any RATIONAL person should know that someone who applies for a job and doesn’t have a SS card, barely speaks English (if at all), is willing to work for coolie wages and prefers to be paid under the table in cash, is very likely here illegally. E-verify is simple and will expose illegals almost immediately. Almost NO employer hires illegals “unknowingly.”


Calling someone who is actually conservative with a brain is an insult well screw me you all called me and my party racist
and that wasn’t an insult?. (Obscene comments deleted by Fantasy Chaser) This is an offical warning do you know I am a linux system admin and have been here under about 20 names non of which you can cite or know because I use different vpns media access controllers and useragents all which are spoofed or stolen all the time, yeah all the time. You are all either old, prude or unlaid here. Most boring batch of loosers I have ever seen yeah I’ve been gone three days living life. You’re defending a pedophile and I’m out line well screw me lol. You will ban me a couple of weeks of months will pass you will see me again. Infact I have a second accouint here already that I just left cold. You have seen me before and before… Mr confederate flag but thedemocrats are racist ban me cause I’m soooooo afraid. BTW Trump is a blessing cause you have no social moral high ground to stand on. You got one thing right we vote for wealth distribution cause we work 40 hours to live in an apartment with no medical darn we do. We for it because you don’t pay us.

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