Royal baby


Well, we can all enjoy a long sigh of relief that now the new “royal” baby has been born. Of course, the media is making a big deal about this baby being “interracial” when, in fact, this baby is only 1/4 black. Can you imagine a red-headed child with an afro? Oh well…

What about a name? I don’t even want to go there. Sorry guys. I’m just so sick of hearing about Meghan Markle.


I’m guessing you watch a lot of tv news?
I literally had no idea this had happened, or even that she was pregnant.

She’s also not even close to “half black”. She’s lighter skinned than an Italian woman. Her mom may be 1/2

That lady is not what someone fresh off the boat from Africa looks like. Her mom is about 1/2 white.


As much as the media despises wealthy people, unless they are Democrats, of course, it amuses me that they are so taken with these royal persons of leisure. I enjoy collecting the coins of the English kings. I have pieces that date before William the Conqueror, but the current batch is kind of like a set of tits on bull. They serve no purpose.

Elizabeth II’s father, George VI, provided inspirational leadership during World War II, but since then it’s been the tales of the privileged rich, and their act is getting tired.


Well, it seems the fascination is racially motivated. It’s also motivated by what the media is saying is Meghan’s influence in changing the Royal Family. Right. Typical American feminist. Full of stoopid ideas. Well, they can have her and her mother.


Meghan’s offspring is seventh in line. Elizabeth II’s sister was second in line for a while and did nothing but have a confused love life.

Her son, Charles, is a confused, irrational political radical who has never faced a crisis in his life, except over his love life. He has never been a business man who had make a payroll or an employee who had important responsibilities. He is a royal front man whose perceptions are not based in reality.

Meghan’s son will not influence anything concerned with changing the monarchy.


I don’t think any of the Royals (with the exception of William and Harry) who have met your criteria either. I say exception to William and Harry because they both served in the military and spent time in the Middle East. The Monarchy is basically window dressing–expensive window dressing. But that is how the Brits want it. I think the one I dislike the most is Philip. He’s a racist and an anti-Semite. Charles is just concerned for one thing and we know what that is. I don’t see him as king any time soon. Elizabeth is going to hold on just to spite him.


I agree that William and Harry did their duty. They served in the military, and no matter how you might shelter them, they were at risk.


A lot of who they are (William and Harry) has to do with Diana raising them properly. She certainly loved those boys. She made the difference, I think,


I’m not up on a lot of this, but I was given to understand that she was very opposed to disciplining them.


Not sure about that, could be, though. Whatever the case, she did something right!