Rubio Missing!


Dear Suh,
FOX just reported Senator Rubio has dropped out and he is not interested in the vice-presidency! That leaves the door WIDE pen for another Southern-fried senator who is peculiarly available.
Whereas Mr Trump is paying for his own candidacy, your humble representative must rely on gifts and grafts from my constituency. I will be glad to join Donald on the Campaign Trail…as soon as I get gas money for my El Dorado…so’s I can pull the Campaign Trailer. And that brings us to the point: whereas the Northern-born politician relies on the P.A.C. , we of the South will continue to carry on with our S.A.C.K… (Southern Action Committee Klan). I intend to follow Sherman and S.A.C.K. Atlanta! And Mount Pleasant and Charlotte and Baton Rouge! I maybe be able to cover some of Mr .Trump’s expenses, too. Gosh knows, I got to pull my weight.

The Senator :whistle: