Rubio: "This election is a referendum on the identity of the United States"...


As he stated to his campaign supporters in Iowa, I couldn’t agree more.

Does America want to remain a Republic or a magnet for socialists? Rampant nepotism, cronyism and disregard for taxpayers that creates and encourages a cycle of poverty for those who are born poor ?

Does America want to become like Canada that allows covert operatives to work within American companies on Canadian soil to create interest in unions thus allowing an artificial environment in which Canadian businesses can compete (the “Canadian tariff”) with U.S businesses? Or do you want free markets, innovation and the best to be successful? The best and brightest employees to compete and succeed against competition both within and beyond American borders?

Do you want the government to use Eminent Domain as a tool of terror?

Do you want a criminal justice system that brings punishment unto perspective while ensuring the basic premises of due process are upheld?

There are many questions to ask, and I know from the Canadian perspective what sort of threats some of these candidates present and ultimately the National Security threats around the world; nation state and otherwise, enjoy a far better chance at succeeding when America loses it’s soul.

If you are from Iowa, please vote guys and ladies.