Rubio Would Expand "Liberal International Order"


Marco Rubio, the Grand Old Party’s Great Hispanic Hope, appears to be the party’s early frontrunner for President in 2016, which must make him nervous. Early frontrunners have often shown a talent for missing the White House, as the governors Romney, George and Mitt, discovered. Yet Rubio is hardly shunning the limelight, embracing instead every opportunity to go after Barack Obama. The latest gauntlet hurled at the president’s feet was Rubio’s reaction over the weekend over a leaked draft of the White House strategy for granting citizenship for illegal immigrants. The Florida senator is himself part of the bipartisan “gang of eight” that is promoting a “pathway to citizenship” for illegal immigrants, but he was irate that the White House was drafting a plan without input from himself and other Republicans.

When Obama sent U.S. bombers to the rescue of rebel forces in Libya in 2011, the fact that he intervened militarily in a foreign war without seeking congressional approval seemed the least of the concerns of most congressional Republicans. Depending on the day of the week and who was speaking at any particular time, the complaint could be summarized as, Obama was wrong to go into Libya and he should have done it sooner.

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