Rules of engagement


For the past 14 months Obama and his administration spokespersons have been reporting/touting the bombing runs targeting ISIS being conducted by the United States.

FOX NEWS, just this week, revealed the incredible feebleness of our effort during this 14 month period. As reported by FOX (Charles Krauthammer), it has consisted of an average of seven (7) sorties (bomber flights) per day, with three quarters (3/4) of those planes returning to base without dropping even one bomb on ISIS targets.

How could this be, you ask? According to news reports, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT!! Our military was given the order there would be ZERO tolerance of civilian casualties. If you can’t assure no civilians will be killed/injured than you don’t drop your bombs.

Now, two days ago we learn that we just began bombing the oil tanker trucks tasked by ISIS to deliver oil to the ME 'black market" for sale - a reported $1,000,000 per day. Heretofore, these trucks have been off-limits to our military because they were suspected of being driven by civilian drivers - who, by the way, probably knew they were driving for ISIS. WHY were they off-limits? See “RULES OF ENGAGEMENT” above.

Astonishingly, yesterday Defense Secretary, Ashton Carter, acknowledged that we have just now, this week, started taking out these tanker trucks. He announced we would be altering our rules of engagement to accommodate this shift in strategy. MY GOD!!!

So, during the past 14 months of Obama’s pretend strategy to “defeat ISIL”, ISIS collects revenue of approx. $1,000,000 per day with which to buy arms, munitions and explosives to kill and maim innocent civilians around the world and expand their Caliphate because Obama and his band of radical progressives decide the collateral damage - taking the life of a civilian driver - is too high a price to pay for blowing up oil tanker trucks transporting this oil and drying up a main source of ISIS revenue!!

One is left to ask, WTF - didn’t Obama or any of his acolytes give consideration to, or give a damn, about the “collateral damage” created by NOT taking out these trucks - collateral damage heaped on thousands of innocent civilians as they have been systematically slaughtered or driven from their homes by ISIS; ISIS atrocities facilitated by monies furnished these butchers by the sale of their stolen oil on the black market? There is no possible excuse for this kind of insane bullsh*t on the part of the Obama administration - none whatsoever.

Elections have consequences. The cost of Obama’s presence in the White House has been excruciatingly high.

By the way, our State Department needs a thorough house cleaning of its own.