Rules- Please Read!

You are free to talk about anything related to religion, faith, beliefs, etc… There are many different opposing views on these subjects, but that is no reason to criticize, ridicule, or defame anyone or their religion and beliefs. None of this will be tolerated. If I find personal attack posts happening (which I hope I won’t) I will delete it, then send one “reminder” warning to that member. If this occurs a second time, you will be banned.

At the same time, if you cannot take constructive criticism of your views, please don’t post here. I have no time for perpetual victims…that’s the left’s job. Violation of these rules will result in immediate banning of the member. Trusted members on this site will report you if you violate these rules.
God bless all of you. :angel:


Additional guidance:

The Prime Directive: This is the RELIGIOUS section of the forum. If you are here to denounce religion, insult people’s religion, denigrate belief in the existence of God, or a god, or otherwise antagonize religious people, this is not the section for you. Trolling religion will not be tolerated.

If you want to discuss the intricacies of different sects of Christianity, that is fine. If you want to discuss Judaism vs Christianity, or other religions, that is fine, but don’t do it in a way that is blatantly insulting. IF a poster starts a prayer request thread, that is not the place to point out the superiority of Atheists. That would be trolling, and you take your chances with the wielder of the Banhammer.

As with the rest of the forum, Thou Shalt Not Insult. You may debate the content of the post, but do not insult the poster.

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Giving some further (but not comprehensive) guidance seems worthwhile to me:

Respectfully advocating theologically liberal Christian views is not trolling.

Respectfully advocating Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. views is not trolling.

Respectfully disagreeing with ideas another RO member posted is not trolling.

Denigrating, insulting, denouncing, etc. a religion risks disciplinary responses, in proportion to the offense. A calm statement of a fact does not entail risk; tone and fact matter.

These standards are not especially difficult, but are fitting for a forum whose focus is religion. They will be applied as evenly as RO’s human Moderators are able.

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