Rush Limbaugh

Today was a sad day as many in America and around the world mourn the passing of an icon. Rush Limbaugh passed away after a battle with lung cancer. A tribute telling what he meant to you is one great way to honor and remember him.

My wife, Misa, and I were conservative in our beliefs, but didn’t really follow politics as of the late summer of 1992. We were in the military and stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. My mother in law visited us and was talking about the looming presidential election. She asked us if we ever listened to Rush Limbaugh. Misa and I looked at each other and said, “What is a Rush Limbaugh?” My mother in law laughed and said we need to pay attention to politics and be more informed. She said we need to listen to Rush’s radio show and watch his t.v. show.

This was a while ago, so Mom went old school. She flipped through the t.v. guide to find out what time and channel his show aired and then pulled out the phone book. After looking through the yellow pages for A.M. radio stations, she called from a phone on the wall with a cord and after several calls of asking each station if they carried Rush, Mom found the local station carrying the show. Misa and I were hooked.

We recorded his t.v. show each night and during the weekend watched all five episodes. We usually had his radio show on when we were at our apartment or driving in the car. Many times I had to work a 24 hour shift followed by a couple days off, so I would record the two days worth of shows on cassette, even if we were already listening. During my shift I would drive around on patrol and listen to his live show and then listen to the previous two days worth of shows on cassette. As I worked long hours, had field excercises, and deployments, Misa was often lonely. As she took care of things around the house, including our children, she would listen to Rush. He kept us both company when we were away from each other and kept us entertained when we were together.

After the 1992 election came a dark January for conservatives. Democrats controlled the Senate, House, and had the White House. Rush began each show as what he called a special edition, “America Held Hostage.” He would say what number of day it was of the hostage crisis and counted how many until the midterm elections. As he always said he was the light of beacon in times of murkiness and trouble. No matter what was going on in the country we listened to a voice of reason, leadership, and strength, while he also made us laugh.

Just before I was reassigned to Korea it was announced Rush’s show, the first hour of it, would be broadcast on Armed Forces Network. I listened to him every night and Misa listened to him while staying at Fort Riley. Once again, Rush made us laugh and kept us company at a time in which we were very lonely and missing each other.

Upon returning home and getting out of the Army we continued to listen. Throughout the time of working security after the military and entering law enforcement I always listened to Rush while working, so he was like a patrol partner. Misa listened to him in various jobs and while working in our home. He was on quite often in our house while we were together as well. We both turned friends and coworkers on to listening to Rush over the years.

After the lung cancer diagnosis, Rush always was adamant about not making the show about his illness, but would update listeners from time to time. He always treated his fans as family and was involved in various charities. During the time of BLM and ANTIFA terrorizing America and waging war on law enforcement, Rush announced 100 percent of the proceeds of his online store would be donated to a different law enforcement each week. The family would be nominated by someone and often was the family of an injured or fallen officer. This is such a touching tribute.

Callers would often mention they were praying for Rush and his family. He was always appreciative of this. For all of those thinking the prayers didn’t work, remember God is the Author of life and death. Nothing happens outside of His will. The best thing I ever heard Rush say was a few months ago he talked about his faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

In the times of murkiness and trouble in our country, we will pick up the mantle and continue the message and continue the fight. In the times of murkiness and trouble of Rush’s death, his memory lives on in his message, how he informed us, and how he made us laugh.

Rest in peace, Rush. We will take it from here. Misa and I will love you forever and always.

He made America dumber, 3 hours per day

How about you actually tell us why you think he was a bad influence on America (and I don’t mean generalities) instead of just tossing bombs?

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Something other than memes would help, too…

those are quotes

And many of those quotes were jokes, but you don’t have much of a sense of humor or an acute sense of perception.

Ha ha haa… remember that zoo crew segment where he mocked dead AIDS victims every day to the delight of mouth-breathing scumbags everywhere?

Limbaugh Rants About AIDS - Again (

What was that life even about? Spearheading a movement about being shitty to people. It’s really easy to be shitty to people which is why it took off. Building people up and cooperation is much harder.

Quoted for truth when people call Limbaugh a scumbag.

I look forward to the people who call such a Hate Monger a saint. How about those faggots, right?

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Yea, like @MisterBlue builds up people around here with one snide remark after another.

…Is the best testimony I can think of in the topic in question.

What if Rush were a gay man or a communist? Would you be mocking him then? The dude is dead. We already know you hate him no need for this

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I am more than happy to debate Rush and other issues and encourage debate and dislogue amongst others. I realize there is not an ounce of compassion or humanity within many liberals, especially those commenting on this page. However, can the debate be moved to another page? This was meant as a tribute to Rush who just passed away and to tell what he meant to my family.

actually he’s rumored to be a closeted gay.

He turned hatred, cruelty, misogyny, homophobia and racism into daily ‘entertainment’ for white folks. He would point out someone and tell his listeners how much that person was to blame for all their woes year after year after year. I am quite sure Trump as his president was his biggest wet dream. He had a president that thought and acted exactly like him. Someone that inhumane and vile will burn in hell, so it’s a good day

I’ll bet @MisterBlue never listened to a single Russ Limbaugh broadcast. If he had, he would have known that his characterizations of the content are completely inaccurate.

On the positive side @MisterBlue has succeeded in posting more than one sentence in a message that he wrote himself. That is indeed progress all be it filled with misinformation.


Yeah, Lush Rimjob 's hate shtick was soooo funny. I hate bullies who victimize the targets of their hate and then come back around to complain their targets ‘don’t have a sense of humor’

I think you are just jealous of a conservative’s ability to persevere. A bad day in the life of a conservative is the election was stolen and their hero dies. A bad day in the life of a liberal is their condom breaks in someone’s ass.

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