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The biggest bullies in the United States today are Joe Biden and John Kerry who can wipe away thousands of good paying jobs with the stroke of a pen. When Big Bother takes away your job, you might be less thrilled with big government.

no election was stolen.

Trump Gone
Rush Dead
GOP loses the senate and house/

I guess 2021 isn’t so bad

yeah like when Reagan killed the union jobs??

Yeah, people dying and America being on a downgrade is pretty much all a liberal needs to be happy.

Leave the GOP and its failed policies out of this

For three years, Trump had the economy humming for most anyone who wanted to work. Then along came the China pandemic. Now we are ready for expanding poverty under the AOC, Sanders, Democrat Party Green New Deal, which is actually the big green shaft.


Trump coasted on Obama’s economy and bungled Covid

I’ll give you credit. You are well versed in the Democrat propaganda about the Obama economy. Obama presided over the most sluggish recovery in history thanks to over regulation and constant and threatened tax increases.

It reminds me of a lecture one of my undergraduate economics professors gave about the Communist claims that Lenin brought back the Russian economy. He merely stood by as economic activity returned to approximately where it was prior the revolution. The piece parts were already in place. Even so, it took Lenin’s “NEP” (New Economic Policy), which a brief return to petty capitalism to make it happen.

trump bungled Covid, trump lost the election and the senate and RUSH LIMBAUGH IS DEAD

I’ll grant to you that Trump bungled the public relations part of Covid. I have commented on that here before. As for the rest, if Biden or Obama had been president, we be waiting three or four years for a vaccine.

Your last two points are hardly insightful.

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pure nonsense.

someone underage just sayn