Rush Limbaugh's 35 Undeniable Truths of Life






Yeah, when the country was in much better shape when we had a lot more “religion.”


[QUOTE=peapod]Do you listen to his show?

My dad does.


But do you?


Look at major feminist leaders and tell me he’s wrong…The best tree I ever saw had a house built out of it…


When he’s watching and there’s nothing better to do.


Then you don’t.

He doesn’t have a TV show, he has a radio show.

If you don’t know much about someone, just say so. You don’t have to fib about it.


He has a TV show, too. Actually, I think it’s dead now, all the things I’ve seen are reruns.

We don’t listen to radio shows that much, just music. Occasionally we’ll do NPR.


Had a TV show. It stopped airing in '96. As far as I know, reruns are not in syndicate anymore. Unless your dad was watching on the internet.

NPR is a joke, IMO. I’d rather listen to nails down a chalkboard than that.



Bill O’Reilly never claimed to be a conservative, just a traditionalist/Independent. :\


I agree. Now I may not like Rush Limbaugh’s brash or arrogant style, but when the man is right, the man is right.




You implied it.


Why do you say that?
(besides the fact that they all seem to have funny voices, that is)


I like NPR. =(

He could’ve been, since we have a computer hooked up to the TV. I don’t think it’s that, though. I think he taped some of the episodes and still has them. I don’t know, though, I’ve never seen any episode of that show from the beginning. Just snatches.


I was forced to listen to NPR for 5 hours on election night. Even the liberals I was around about 3 hours in were making crude jokes about the NPR announcers about how much they sounded like they wanted to be Obama’s eunuchs. It was certainly annoying how much they worshiped and fawned over Obama that night.

Any time I’ve listened to NPR before that it’s just a conglomerate of radio hosts lamenting global warming, advocating gay rights, and supporting other liberal platforms I can’t stand.

Like nails down a chalkboard.


[quote=“peapod, post:37, topic:15138”]
gay rights
[/quote]Please don’t use that phrase. “Gays” have the same rights as everybody else. They just want special treatment.


That’s just your opinion.


Me too, and you know he’s screaming to keep his spot on radio talk show. He bashed the liberal media.

Do you think it’s possible that he looses his show?