Rush Limbaugh's 35 Undeniable Truths of Life


Nope. He just signed a sweetheart deal to keep him on air for quite a while - til 2016 I think.


:banana: I didn’t know that. Thanks Peapod:)


Rush Limbaugh is terrific. You have to listen for a while to get the fact that he’s really a “harmless little fuzz-ball.” Honestly, I don’t agree with everything, but he’s a formidable personification of conservatism. Whether you agree with him or not, he evokes thoughtfulness on the issues. What he’s best at, IMHO, is pointing out the hypocrisy and outright blatant bias of the liberal media news outlets. Nobody does it better.


He just signed an 8-year deal earlier this year ($50 million/year = $400 million total). Of course, if the liberals in Congress get their way, they’ll impose the “Fairness Doctrine” and that would effectively put him out of business on the radio. He could still do a webcast show, I suppose.


He could do the Stern thing. Sirius-XM would be silly not to pick him up.

  1. Feminism was established as to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream of society.

This has been blatantly proven true by the feminists visceral hatred of Palin. It amounts to petty jealousy.


I think some Liberals are secretly pissed that Obama won… now it’s just one less thing they can bitch about.


I’m not sure if I completely agree with all of them, but I think I am in agreeance with the majority.


What in gods name happened to him after 10?

And what in the world is #16 about?

What a tool.


Yeah… those are the ones I don’t agree with. They’re a bit… on the off side. Convicting someone solely for being a man or a women has never even crossed my mind.


On a lighter note, has anyone heard the song Rush has been playing about Barney Frank. That song from the 80’s (?), disco, something like the “dancing queen”. Someone here may know the song. The word’s in this funny song say “I am the banking queen”. I heard it on the radio today and laughed until I cried…hilarious.


Rush is my favorite Conservative Talk Radio host, with Glenn Beck in a short second…

I think these are great…


If he did that, that’s a bit more offensive than necessary and may persuade some people who are on the fence to be more supportive of “gay rights”.


I don’t think it’s offensive. I understand Barney Frank isn’t afraid to laugh at himself, I’d think he’d find it funny. Knowing Rush, though, I’m pretty sure he meant it in pure spite.

MT, are you talking about the song by Abba?


It’s a parody. Is Rush wanting to make him look bad? Yeah. Would Barney do the same if the positions were reversed? Yeah. So what?


Actually, I don’t think he needs any help from Rush to make him look bad. He’s doing a fine job of it all by himself. All Rush is really doing is bringing him to our attention.



Barney Frank is such a rotten man.That I wonder about the people who keeps voting this obviously corrupt moron back?

Sometimes I wonder if voters are sane when they do that.Why settle for mediocrity.When there are better people to elect?


It is fascinating. Naerly everyone has a low opinion of Congress, yet they continue to support their guy. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?


They think it’s all the other 434/98 (depending on which house) that are the problems.


Ditto John Murtha, and his district is a relatively conservative one. Too many people just want the incumbent, I guess. Although his last two wins weren’t terribly overwhelming.