Rush Limbaugh's 35 Undeniable Truths of Life


Well this is pretty much totally true.


How about contradiction?


Now that would be really stupid.


Isn’t that what we’re talking about?


Yes, and I just thought it sounded funny. Lighthearted joke on my part, not to offend you or anyone else for that matter.


[quote=“JBG, post:53, topic:15138”]
If he did that, that’s a bit more offensive than necessary and may persuade some people who are on the fence to be more supportive of “gay rights”.


shrug It didn’t offend me. That song is uber-annoying, though. :dead:


…good thing you were’nt alive in the 70’s when Dancing Queen or some other Abba song was on 4 stations simultaneously…:rofl:

…and yes, I know this thread is 9 months old…:wink:


[quote=“Newman, post:68, topic:15138”]
…and yes, I know this thread is 9 months old…:wink:
[/quote]Is the thread ready to have a baby?


Looks like it!


Rush is the man!


Number 16 had me wonder…

…do men write to women prisons and fall in love with women serial killers?




But why don’t I hear about it like I do women with the men?


I really doubt that it’s that common; it’s women who are more likely to fall for a sob story, about it being someone else’s fault, or people just don’t understand them, etc. ad nauseum. (Being a woman, I can get by with saying this). It’s not really that the women are stupid, it’s just that they’re more tender-hearted.


I thought that. Thanks.