Russia threatens criminal charges against a NASA astronaut

There’s like, 3 things now they’re using this to distract from. That they made the hole in the Soyuz, that they barreled rolled the station, and that they shot at a satellite the debris of which put the ISS at risk.

In other news, the Russians attached another module to the space station, and it didn’t **** up this time. PROGRESS!

You’re talking about a country that lost war twice to Finland. Does anyone expect any less of a Third World Country with Nukes? They’re like the RC Cola of super powers.

They’re the only ones to have landed on Venus, and for 40 odd years they had the best liquid powered engines in the business

We’ve kept buying those RD-180 engines because they really were that good, it wasn’t simply charity.

But now, all the ethic is gone. They don’t know how to lead anymore, or even maintain what they had, so they’ve settled for capability denial.

All I can say is they better vax up any and all astronauts before and after they get into outer space

And evidently Russia can’t even make decent video games anymore. CDprojectred I’m looking at you.

My goodness are you some kind of Russia or Putin Apologist? They had one good engine and landed on venus lets takea moment to cry for what they could of been.

They made like 2 or three good ones then failed because greedy and lazy. Best the write the story and we write the game. CDPROjectred is in poland. Gaijin Entertainment Is the only true Moscow based dev. They moved their headquarters to budapest because of censorship. I know of them because they’re one of the few devs that aims to release on Mac Os.

I’m an engineer, I like good engineering. Sadly, the Russians haven’t really produced much of it since they stopped being the Soviet Union. Partly because many of their specialists who made those exploits possible, were Ukrainian.

They’re still trying to “native-ize” their missile and rocket designs.

Irony of ironies; they’re are completed Soyuz sitting on the assembly floor right now in Russia, still needing Western-made IC chips.

Why can’t they just reprogram some older domestic chips? I hear a Zilog-80 can do basic i/o functions for ICMB’s but none of the fancy hypersonic target splitting decoy stuff.

China tried to break away from X86/Wintel because the Bios was loaded with our backdoors, that led to an explosion in ARM devices in phones which they backdoored (ZTE, Huwaei, etc). No one has a hold on the ARM market. Meanwhile we use POWER chips from IBM on a lot of our special onboard native systems. I miss the Power Pc from the G4 Era in Apple those things got so hot up to 250 degrees F. Then they put them in the game consoles. I hear a lot of people are using Nvidia/ATi to mine bitcoin. Just raw asymmetrical integer output. Out you know how you were saying it was normal for Russia to keep about 75k to 100k troops on the border near Rostov On Don? How about this new 175k troops with conscripted forces they have these last 3 days? What about the Swift sanctions that would also hurt us? Is boots on the ground an option? Looks like big defense is gonna get a build back nato bailout while the middle class gets piss down economics.

They don’t have any that can handle spacecraft avionics. Before this, their computers were mechanical .
They also still light their rockets with giant matchsticks, and put it on a turntable to align the rocket with its launch azimuth.

Other rockets just do a roll maneuver.

I know this to be untrue was this an attempt at satire? Russia has used computerized components in aviation since the 1950s.

The first generation of the analog navigation computers was installed in long-range Soviet air defense interceptors in 1957. Designated the NI-50PM, it interfaced with a large Doppler radar sensor.

We’re still talking about Soyuz right? The FG version has a mechanical flight system, and they were selling rides on that version to us until about, I want to say 3 years ago.

The selling point of the Soyuz 2 was a digital upgrade.

That digital system apparently uses western made tech.

I never mentioned that I think someone who had a book from 2001 did. I was talking about them being outside of donbass with 175k troops and you said 75k to 100k was normal a few weeks back in a different post so I posited wither 175k troops was normal and then we started talking about them lacking tech so I mention repurposing old chips when you said they’re stuff was unfinished.

…? You said in this thread you knew it wasn’t true they’re using mechanical computers aboard their rocket, I’m saying they did, right up until they retired the FG series for Soyuz.

I think you’ve confused threads.

Your source, btw, lended credence to my claim:

Russia plans to trim down to 10 major aviation firms, including three avionics businesses. These firms must virtually rebuild Russia’s avionics industry, which had obtained many components and peripherals from Warsaw Pact nations, or newly independent republics like the Ukraine–all outside of Russia. Russian aviation computer firms, therefore, rely heavily on joint ventures with Western companies. For example, the Institute of Precision Mechanics Computer Technology (IPMC), a major computer design center, has teamed with Sun Microsystems Inc. to design advanced SPARC workstations in Moscow.

Avionics development in space moves slowly, even in the West. Russia mostly lives on its Soviet background to generate sales for Roscosmos; it’s doing very little that’s new.

Processor development is capital heavy, and intensely difficult. Russia is poor, and chases away its best talent with limited opportunity, and widespread corruption.

Rather than Space, most of their talented engineers work in Energy or weapons development; both pay more, as both industries have far more ability to export what they sell.