Russia to supply advanced air defense system to Syria, despite US/Israeli objections


Netanyahu to Putin: ‘Your missile sales to Assad could trigger war’ | The Times of Israel

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, asked last week about possible sales of the S-300 to Assad, said cagily: “Russia is not planning to sell. Russia has been selling for a long time, has signed contracts and is completing deliveries of technology that consists of anti-aircraft systems.”[SIZE=2]Lavrov said the weapons were to help Syria defend itself against air attacks. Israel suspects that Russia plans to sell Damascus six S-300 missile batteries, as well as 144 missiles, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.[/SIZE]

According to another source I read, some components have already been shipped.

The US is saying that it’s “destabilising to the region”, because of course “stable” in Western rhetoric is “unable to combat NATO airpower”.

The Israelis have gotten around the currently used air defence systems by flying low, the S-300 can target altitudes from 25 metres to 30km. It’s an all-purpose system, can shoot down cruise and ballistic missiles as well.

S-300V (SA-12A Gladiator, SA-12B Giant) | Missile ThreatMissile Threat

At the same time, there is a Russian naval group near Syria in the Mediterranean, because currently Syria hosts the only Russian “base” outside the former USSR, and it’s not really a base but a Naval “technical point” with a few guys who can do basic maintenance.

I kind of wish we had the money to put some supporting troops- military advisers, AA-system operators and maybe special forces or VDV like we put into regional conflicts during the cold war.


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Hahaha Russia is hilarious. If I didn’t know better I would say its some guys in a room just thinking up ways to piss people off


What do they even need them for? I can understand arming the Syrian government against the rebels; but the rebels don’t have aircraft (or if they do, they’re few and far between). Those SAMs are only of use against Israeli aircraft, and Israel has only shown inclination to attack a Hamas rocket cache. If they’d wanted to bomb Syria into anarchy, they could have done it long before now.


The SAM sale is to preclude the creation of a no fly zone, the consequences for Israel are an unfortunate side effect, but I’m willing to bet Netanyahu made some deal during his visit to Sochi. Its only 6 batteries and 144 missiles, Israel can easily overpower that with surface-surface missiles if it needs to hit something, or we could give them the data link codes, etc.


Seems to me that if Israel can overpower them, then so can the U.S. if Obama decides to screw it up again/yet/still and turn a big problem in to a gigantic one (that is to say, intervene).


Well of course a superpower can overpower 6 SAM batteries, but the sales along with moving forces to the region are to show that this time intervention will not be tolerated, this is using hard power to back the Russian stance in negotiations with the US about the situation, as well as juicing some money out of Assad before he gets toppled. Arab spring has been very bad for the state arms exporting company.Also there was already reluctance to implement a no fly zone when all they had was Tor-M1 and Pantsir-S, adding the S-300 to the mix is probably enough to make it too costly or risky.


[quote=“Fantasy_Chaser, post:6, topic:39490”]
Seems to me that if Israel can overpower them, then so can the U.S. if Obama decides to screw it up again/yet/still and turn a big problem in to a gigantic one (that is to say, intervene).
[/quote]What worries me is the Obama pattern of using one crisis to cover up another. If he can deflect the trifecta of scandals, by taking questionable action in the Middle East, I think he’d be willing to sacrifice lives.


0bama is the worst president on all fronts except the communist desire to destroy this country from within.

I just hope that this string of scandals effectively neuters the rest of his term.


Anti-ship missiles as well, now.

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“It is at the very least an unfortunate decision that will embolden the regime and prolong the suffering,” the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told a news conference when asked about the reported shipment of missiles.

“It’s ill-timed and very unfortunate.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry warned last week that such missiles sales would be “destabilising.”

NATO aircraft carriers cannot roam freely = “destabilised”.

Israel doesn’t seem to consider it a big problem