Russian Meddling


We have idiots on both sides of the aisle running this country.

Point in fact: Leadership from both sides point to Russian meddling favoring the other side in the 2016 election. Media has taken up nothing but this line of reasoning ever since Trump was elected.

IMHO - Russia didn’t and doesn’t give a damn who wins elections in this country. Putin/Russia is interested in only one thing - fomenting political unrest to the point the electorate - largely made up of fools - questions the very foundation of our nation.

By the looks of things, Russia is succeeding masterfully.

One other point: It is hard for me to get too excited about political influences emanating from outside the USA, including Russia, when we send our young people to colleges to be confronted/educated by faculty made up largely of socialists/communists openly fomenting anti-American sentiment within our institutions of higher learning - even to the extent that outside speakers expressing differences of opinion from the “official” campus point of view are often unwelcome, often threatened and sometimes physically assaulted.


When I went to college in the late '60s and early '70s, I got to hear both sides mainly because I was a business major. I heard the conservative side from my economics professors who were mostly from the Milton Friedman school although there was one very good Keynesian economist who taught me the basics of that school. Not all of the Keynesian ideas are unsound or bad.

I also took a political science course from a professor who was considered to be radical at the time. He was fired, and this was his last semester. He was actually reasonable on a number of issues, and probably would be considered to be a subversive to the young pups who populate colleges today.

It’s a amazing how so many students and teachers embrace Marxism on today’s college campuses. I took an economics course on “The Planned Economies.” It was real eye opener to see the problems the Soviet Union and every other Communist and purely socialist state faces. You have to have almost every good and service in place without the price rationing function, which almost impossible. When you add in the natural corruption and favortism that occur in every organization, you find out why it can’t work.

If some of these young pups could realize the institutional problems with socialism, they might learn something. But it probably would never happen. A few of them, who are not even taking the course, would storm the classroom and probably shut it down. That’s the state of “academic freedom” on many of today’s campuses.


I watched a feature on Fox where the Fox person (can’t remember who it was . . . Waters maybe) went into a campus where students were protesting against Trump and asked them to explain what it was that Trump was doing that alarmed them.

NOT ONE was able to answer the question.


And yet Whoopi Goldberg blew a gasket at the mention of Trump Derangement Syndrome…


While I like Dr Mike’s OP, I still see very little, if any, direct evidence of some Russian Gov’t directed meddling plot to affect anything in Trump’s favor.

I have definately not seen anything remotely suggesting Russian Collusion involving Trump’s team, much less him personally.

Where is the money? I have seen nothing. Nada. Zilch.
Where is the evidence of any communication?

Why is the special investigator now going after obstruction?

The whole thing is nothing more than an obvious Democrat plan to blacken Trump’s eye. It will amount to nothing.