Russians put bounties on US servicemen

Setting aside the question of whether Trump knew about this or not, what should our response be?

And, just out of curiosity, what if we find out that Trump knew and did nothing? I mean hypothetically speaking.

Numerous credible officials who are in a position to know have reinforced the President’s denial. Putting that aside, if it proves not to be a total fantasy what should we do?

First, I think we need to look at the motivation of the likely leakers. My guess is that they want more support of NATO (read Germany). NATO is alive and well with stronger support and cooperation with Poland and Romania which was started in the Obama administration and increased by Trump. Germany continues to fund their own national defense with peanuts while eagerly becoming dependent on Russia for oil and natural gas with Nordstream.

Bottom line, if true then more economic sanctions. Definitely no troop increases in Afghanistan or Syria. We lost in Afghanistan and the President is getting out. Syria and the region are a quagmire with no clear reason or objective in line with our national security. It will eventually be settled by the locals, Turkey, Iran and the Saudis. Russia is a minor player in Syria. Its involvement thus far has been to convey to the Russian people that they are still a world power. Their economy and demographics are in a death spiral although the democrats are ringing their alarm bells as a partisan political issue. We have them under control in eastern Europe and need to concentrate our strength in the South China Sea and against the CCP.

Sorry, to be clear, is the denial that Trump knew or that the Russians were offering bounties on US troops?

Kayleigh McEnany rips the New YorkTimes (another) new one:

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If she says it, it must be true!!

Both, watch the video. The report remains unconfirmed.

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It’s obvious you haven’t watched it and probably never will, you might learn something. You are a one trick pony: Orange Man Bad. Have a nice life. I’m through with you.


Promise? because everyone says that, but they always come back for more.

Ok, so I started watching and I can’t F’ing stand the hypocrisy. If hypocrisy was a rainstorm the earth would be covered so deeply in water god would be envious.

At 42 seconds she talks about the leaks and the question of who’d want to work with the US? Hahahaha, Hahahahaha /breath…Hahahaha

Talk about done…All Trump has done since he’s been in office is sullied the name America across the world while snuggling up to dictators and strongmen he so admires and now he sends KM out to speak some words, to which he’ll deny if it suits him? For real?

And Trump knows you’ll eat it up, lick the proverbial plate and ask for seconds.

Trump supporters like you will go down in history as having been duped by one of the evilest, narcissistic, vial and disgusting President’s this nation has ever had…

-Good riddance.

The singular focus of practically every reporter in that room was to push the fabulously articulate Kayleigh to say something that they could use to make the president look bad. They weren’t there to learn the facts. They were there to express their seething hatred of this most excellent president and to create a word trap they could spin and spin and spin to ensnare him.

And they wonder why we call the media the enemy of the people.

As for the issue, one wonders why Russia would need to pay jihadist to kill Americans. It’s what they were born to do. If the Russians were smart, they would sell tickets to kill Americans.

Second, Russia and Afghanistan probably aren’t friends, given their history. They probably don’t even have any contacts to set it up.

Third, this seems like the kind of rumor that would be routinely routed to US Army commanders in the field so they can take appropriate safeguards without explicit instructions from the president.

You know something is amiss when the only way to defend Trump is to defend our enemies.

That is very telling.

BS. HARDLY the only “way to defend [President] Trump.” He doesn’t NEED defending, in the first place. Your TDS gets worse the closer we get to re-electing him.

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Who defended our enemies?

wuhl…it’s NOT cause you so damn smart…it’s cause you so damn stupid…and conniving.

When you defend Trump, who is pandering to the Russians (probably because they have either financial leverage or perhaps even compromising materials on him) you are wittingly or unwittingly defending our enemies. I suspect many of you are to proud to even realize what you’re doing.

So he allows the Russians to institute an assassination policy and does NOTHING about it and people like you defend Trump and deny that he does anything wrong with respect to the Russians who, besides paying Afghans to kill troops, have tried to hack our elections and spread propaganda on social media (usually in favor of Trump and against liberal causes) to cause civil unrest with the goal of dividing our nation.

“A nation divided against itself cannot stand.”

Funny how hard it is to learn from history.

Now in fairness, Trump didn’t start the division of Left vs Right, I’d say it began in earnest with Gingrich. I’d also say in fairness it’s not just the right that has done things to sew division, what I would say is that Trump has upped the game to the next level.

all a lie and you know it. You must be worried about the dem ticket. LOLOLOL

Usually, your statements are intolerably leftist, but founded in some fact. But this is pure ignorance. Do you really think President Trump is pandering to the Russians?

President Trump twisted Europe’s arm to buy LNG shipped from America instead of natural gas piped from Russia. That hurts Russia’s income. They probably want those sales more than anything else, but President Trump denied them the sales. Also, Kaleigh rattled off a long list of sanctions that President Trump put on Russia. How on earth is he pandering to Russia?

WHAT? The whole point of what I said earlier is that based on commonly known facts, it’s very likely a bogus report. The NYT has a rep for reporting bogus intelligence, after all. The intelligence professionals disagree among themselves.

I suspect the reason the filthy hateful media is pushing so hard on this story is that they may all know that it’s bogus and even where it came from. If they can shame or dupe the president into taking action against Russia, no matter how inconsequential, then they can turn around and gleefully report that the president was duped by a bogus report and see, isn’t he stupid. You see how this works?

Do you think there’s even a hint of a remote chance that the Russians have compromising materials on President Trump?

President Trump suffered three years of the most expansive, invasive anal exam any politician has ever suffered through, and they didn’t even find a speeding ticket. (Doesn’t everyone have some speeding tickets?) The best they could do was to list page after page of the scurrilous lies that have been levied against him in the papers and on twitter.

Do you think Russia could possibly know something that the armies of motivated journalists and investigators have missed?

Yes, without a shred of doubt. Not because Russian intelligence ever had any idea that Trump would become President (to the contrary, they probably thought there wasn’t a chance in hell just like the rest of us), but Trump was a NY businessman, in real estate who had gotten himself in a lot of financial trouble. So Trump was a useful idiot and has most likely knowingly helped the Russians launder money in the US. One way to ensure Trump would never turn against them was to gather kompromat.
This explains why the Russians wanted Trump to win in the election (once that it became possible) because he had been compromised.

As far as the token things that Trump has done with respect to the Russians. They know he has to keep up appearances. Trump and Putin probably discussed it in their meetings alone where there were no US representatives taking notes or documenting the conversation.

So yes, there is absolutely a hint

So just like that you assume the man must be a criminal.

I guess I can understand you as a citizen, who reads scurrilous charge after scurrilous charge in the filthy media and believes it hook, line and sinker, would dream up a crime and assume he’s guilty of it. But the evil-doer reporters that are writing those charges and the investigators who have legal subpoena power, must know how clean this guy is. They’re without excuse.

Only an utter moron thinks President Trump has “pandered to the Russians.”