Russians put bounties on US servicemen

No, there’s a lot of evidence to Trumps corruption, whole books on it.

Seth Abramson does a pretty good job detailing it:

Things aren’t looking good for Biden apparently.

Bounties on US service men…Let’s see…how many times has t his happened in the past with other nations…not during a trump presidency…and the left never said a freakin’ word. NOT EVEN REPUGLICANS when the Somalis killed our guys and drug their dead and dying bodies thru the damn streets of Mogadishu you sorryass democrats. ANd the UN left the survivors stranded fighting their way out. YOU STINKING leftist politicians and you STUPID leftists carrying their water. DAMN YOU TO HELL.

oh and let’s NOT FORGET BENGHAZI…where we saw the Obama doctrine at work which is…‘YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN’…and then the lies out of the mouths of Obama the f’ing Kenyan Prince, that corrupt hag hildebeast Hitlery and their own mouthpieces such as Rice and others. YOU…make. ME… SICK.

Now NOW you care about Dead US military?? DON"T MAKE ME LAUGH. YOU DISGUSTING PIGS.

Yes, I’m curious, how many? How many times has a major world power placed bounties on our troops and the President in power at the time ignored it?

Oh and Mogadishu? Yeah, not the same thing.

You seriously need to get over yourself.

Like most of you, I have plenty of family I care deeply about that have served or are serving in the military and I care about them and the rest of the people who serve. I pay my respects and go out of my way to thank people I don’t know but I might think served (usually by uniform or learn in conversation).

yeah…same thing. Iran, afghanistan, japan,.Vietnam… EVERY TIME there’s been a war you moron.

It’s not as if the U.S. hasn’t done the same, too. It’s called plausible deniability, and every nation does it.

And Brown? If Trump did respond (assuming it were true), you’d call him a war monger. If Trump cured cancer, you’d call it an assault on the medical profession. You are, without any doubt, a completely unprincipled partisan hack, fostering any lie, slander or innuendo that might have a negative impact on a president freely and fairly elected. And you do so in support of a communist agenda.


I don’t expect Trump to go to war over it. But a sharp vocal response and threat of sanctions would have been a good start.

Nice strawman.

And you have been completely duped by a shyster and history will look back in horror and wonder how so many people were lead so far astray by such an unethical, immoral, narcissistic, man child. You and those like you will be a black mark on this nation for generations to come.


talking about the left and your support of the man child Kenyan prince president. That old projection. The American people are not stupid, dude.

ANNNNNDDDD we finally reach the crux of the issue. A black man as President. Really eats at you, huh?

I mean, you guys talk about Dems and the fact they can’t get over the fact that Clinton lost, what 3 years ago? The truth is you can’t get over that Obama won, what? 12 years ago?

I didn’t mention black did I? But you sure did. I was referring to someone NOT born in any of the United States. His Granny said so.

Race seems to be an issue for you…do you notice that?

Just admit it.

you been caught bud. Admit it.




tsk tsk tsk…this is verboten. Gets you kicked off social media. It’s a good thing these folk are more tolerant of your throwing around racist terms.

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Ok, let’s take this 1/2 serious argument on your parts 1/2 seriously and address it just for fun.

Here is an conversation I had with a person who is of African decent when I used a similar term and was called out for it…

The claim that terms like:

Black market. Blacklist. Black eye. Black out. Black box. Black mood. Black magic. Black death. Black sheep. Black hand. Black head. Black hole. Blackshirt. Blackmail. Blackleg. Blackball. Black mark and so on is racist is completely backward.

It’s not that these terms should be thought of as racist as we all know that fearing the dark is something all of us deal with as children. Darkness is often related to fear or the forbidden and the words on the list reflect these qualities. Horror movies use darkness to evoke fear and feeling of dread. These terms arise out of our fear of darkness, not out of an association with people of African decent.

The problem is that people of African decent are referred to as “black” placing them into the same category as the words above perhaps at one time trying to evoke feeling of fear. Today is a colloquialism that most people refer to people of African decent as “black”. It’s not the list above that needs to change, it referencing people with varying shades of brown skin as “black people”.

I will make that point to any person of African decent, Democrat and progressive alike. It’s not racist to use these terms. If anything has a root in racism it’s referring to brown people as “black people”.

that’s a lot of explaining you did there to defend your moral superiority. LOLOL

Yeah, well lots of bullshit justify it…What are ya gonna do?

I’m gonna sit here and laugh at your silly ass.

African-Americans chose the term “Black” as an alternative to “Negro” or other terms that have long been pejoratives. Most of the exhaustive list, which included the word “black” existed long before the racial term “Black” became popular in the late 1960s.

All this nonsense comes down to political correctness. Liberals and socialists are obsessed with controlling people in every way they can. Language is part of it.

Part of that control is included in the “I take offense culture” that they advocate and propagate. The left wants to be offended by anything they can invent. They have made a profession of it. If they can throw something on the wall and it sticks great! It’s a feather in the cap for person who thought it up. If it doesn’t they move on to the next human control project.

I am sick of this crap. I am getting tired of having to bow down to people who disrespect freedom and the free exchange of ideas because some college professor decided to use political correctness to shut down debate and academic freedom. One of the reasons why Trump is so popular with conservatives is that he rejects this nonsense.

Political correctness is the height of arrogance. What it says about any issue they choose is “I’m right; you’re wrong; now shut up! I’m in charge here, YOU will do as I say! If you don’t, I will ruin your reputation or worse.”

My attitude is, you can stuff that where the sun doesn’t shine.