Russia's best spy in 30 years.


Russia’s best spy in 30 years.
Phil Boehmke
American Thinker

Last week Liberal-Democrat Member of Parliament Mike Hancock’s research assistant Katia Katuliveter was arrested on charges that she was a Russian spy. Zatuliveter and Hancock maintained that the allegations were entirely false, Hancock said ‘She genuinely believes, and I back her 100 per cent, that she has nothing to hide and that she has done nothing wrong.” Even as British officials were preparing to deport the 25 year-old Russian, she maintained her innocence and vowed to fight the deportation order.

Now, the UK Daily Mail reports that:

[quote]Oleg Gordievsky - a double agent for Mi6 in the Seventies and Eighties - said Russian born Ekaterina Zatuliveter ‘caused more damage than all other KGB agents put together.’
(Libertine culture) + (Honey Trap) = Vulnerable UK military. She must have been really good …