Rutgers Prof; "ISIS is brutal, but U.S. is worse"

If this country survives another decade, it will be a miracle. This is what our colleges are putting into the heads of new journalists.

*Deepa Kumar is an associate professor of “Journalism and Media Studies” at the publicly-funded Rutgers University. She is an academic, media commentator, activist, and author of two books, Outside the box: Corporate Media, Globalization, and the UPS Strike and Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire. *
Recently, SoCawlege revealed something interesting about her public statements made on her website and Twitter. Professor Kumar is quite vocal about her anti-American and anti-Israel viewpoints.
**Here, she makes the claim that the United States is more brutal than ISIS:


OK Deepa:

Door Number One: Three hots, a cot, cable tv and gym at Club Gitmo.

Door Number Two: A large animal crate, 5 gallons of high octane and a Zippo.

You were saying?

Mehhhh … take her skydiving in Iraq, dropping her (with working parachute, of course) into an ISI-held paradise.

I really, really wouldn’t want her parachute to malfunction; she’d miss out on all the fun.

Must be nice to talk s**t from a comfortable office, enjoying the Freedoms this country provides.

Some people are as dumb as oxen. Pity that so many of them hold “professorships” in our universities.

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