Ryan budget passes House 221-207...


The Ryan “balanced budget in 10 years” passed in the House today in a 221-207 vote.

ALL DEMOCRATS voted against it.

ALL REPUBLICANS but 10 voted for it.

Two small Rep. groups voted against it… fringers, and cowards.

The fringers voted against the bill because even though it has NO chance of becoming law…and even though it balances the budget in 1/2 the time of LAST years’ bill…it didn’t go FAR or FAST enough. Always in touch with reality. [/sarc]

The cowards voted against it because they feared standing up for lower spending and the roll back of Obamacare would cost them their next election in their districts.

Remember these 10 next time one shows up on YOUR voting machine.

Rep. Chris Gibson, R-N.Y.
Rep. Joe Heck R-NV
Rep. Paul Broun’s, R-Ga.
Rep. Phil Gingrey R-GA
Rep. Justin Amash R-MI
Rep. Thomas Massie R-KY
Rep. Walter Jones R-NC
Rep. David McKinley R-WV
Rep. Randy Forbes R-VA
Rep. Rick Crawford R-AR

In the meantime…you may want to write and voice your displeasure at their childishness and lack of fortitude as the case may be.


arent these 2 running for senate?


They’ll all be getting a check from me for their re-election campaigns.


Amash might, Broun is.

Both are great fiscal conservatives.


And Broun is also a Neanderthal…but no matter…he is a fiscal conservative. [/sarc]
And about half of them ARE NOT doing this on principle…they are doing it because they are in purple districts and are afraid support for Ryan will make them TOO conservative to be elected. Probably Boehner told them that he didn’t need them to win the vote…so vote to get elected. :frowning:


:rofl: Sure they are, refusing to endorse a responsible balanced budget plan.

They are clearly boosting their senate credentials, you cant pass a budget if you want to be a senator.


Start making yourself familiar with these people before you make incorrect assertions.


A couple of them may have voted because they thought it cut too much, but Amash, Broun, and Massie definitely voted for it because it increases spending over the next decade. Gingrey voted against it because he is going to compete against Broun in the Senate race.


You can claim to be a fiscal conservative all you want but if you refuse to embrace meaningful reform then you are not one. The budget cant and wont be balanced in a single shot so holding tight to that ideal is just the same as the liberals who want to tax and spend. No different that the rest of the phony liberaltarian positions that produce the same result as the hardcore liberal policies.


No, they just aren’t doing what you want so you are pitching a fit. That doesn’t change their stances on the issues.

The Ryan plan increases spending and doesn’t begin to apply federalism nearly enough. These people are the ones who are holding the GOP’s feet to the fire, which is why Ryan’s 27 year budget has been hacked down. But it isn’t good enough yet.


by torpedoing the GOP and letting the liberals win, great strategy. As I pointed out they produce the same policy result as if they were hardcore liberals. I dont care about reasons or ideology only results and they only results the “liberty party” is producing are liberal results.


It’s not passing the Senate or getting signed into office anyway. Otherwise they might vote for it.


Of course they would, Justin Amash is the definition of a team player thats how he got himself thrown off the budget committee


The SENATE DEMS voted it down last nite…with 5 Republicans…including Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Ted Cruz (Texas), Dean Heller (Nev.), Mike Lee (Utah) and Rand Paul (Ky.).
Lee/Paul/Cruz…wanted more. Collins & Heller wanted less. :frowning:
Even if we gain 51 seats in the Senate…looks like we’ll have problems passing anything. (Note: BUDGET measures only require 51 votes. )

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