Ryan gains support of key conservatives for speaker job


A supermajority of the House of Representatives’ firebrand conservative Republicans on Wednesday threw their support behind Paul Ryan to be the next speaker and said they have provided him enough votes to win the race.
About two-thirds of the approximately 40 House “Freedom Caucus” members voted to back Ryan for speaker if he formally enters the contest, according to the Republican lawmakers who emerged from a closed-door session to discuss Ryan’s fate.

Ryan gains support of key conservatives for speaker job

Oh well…I guess they’ll be on the @#$% list now.


Not necessarily. I wait to see what he promised them for their support–and whether or not he comes through. If he promised them to follow the Constitution, let’s see if he actually DOES so. I might believe him if he appoints actual conservatives to committee chairmanships instead of freezing them out as Boehner routinely did. I suppose it COULD be that he’s seeing the handwriting on the wall, but I’m not holding my breath.