Sad... Another reason jollywood elites should be ignored by Americans


Wow…I always knew McClaine was nuts, but this is really sad. Just proof of how power, prestige, and money corrupts.

Shirley MacLaine’s daughter: My mom thought my dad was a clone, astronaut | Fox News


Shirley has been considered a nutjob for as long as I can remember. I believe this is different than what I have been seeing coming out of Hollywood the last few years with political and other beliefs. When it comes to politics, I have stopped watching actors who seem to ignore reality to promote values that hurt ordinary Americans.

Actors in general live in Lala land in the course of maintaining their craft. There are a few who are still grounded in reality, but just as I see with race baiters and such, the nutjobs get the headlines.

Look at some of these guys who yell about how bad they had it when their career would be welcomed by many who wished they had attained such fame and wealth. The foolishness coming out of Samuel Jackson and others tells me they are not that connected with reality.


Totally agreed. As far as I’m concerned, with few exceptions like Clint Eastwood and others like him, all of those pampered, egotistical, elitists who cry “let them eat cake!” are as relevant to today’s realities as are cow patties.


Shirley’s brother is another idiot. As I have oft repeated when these idiots are brought to the fore, these people cannot exist without a script, a director, and the fawning adulation of the suckers who pay money to see them. and Eastwood is no exception. It was painful watching as well as hearing him at the republican convention. Unique bit, but the uh’s and er’s and fumbling for the next line was awfully distracting.


For the most part I could care less what an actors personal politics are and do a good job of tuning them out when they start speaking. I’m only concerned with being entertained. If you don’t want to go see movies and watch TV shows because you don’t want to support what you view as “liberal hollywood” or whatever then dont. Professionally Shirley Mcclane has done some fine and entertaining work. I’m not going to stop watching movies that she’s been in because she might be a bit nutty or suffering from mental illness. Bing Crosby was notorious for beating his kids however I’ll still spin his Christmas records.


Well, he is in his 80’s. I suppose if and when I reach my 80’s I’ll be drooling in my shoes…


Who’s balcony was it that Dennis Kacinich saw the Spaceship from?? I may be wrong, but seems like it was Shirley McClain’s.:rofl:


Uh…who is Dennis Kacinich and what spaceship??


Dennis Kucinich is a Dem from Cleveland (I think) who says we need to be concerned about aliens from outer space. That’s the Reader’s Digest version.


Dennis Kacinich was a U.S. Representative to Congress until his State gerrymandered him out. He ran for President one year, lost in the Primaries, or dropped out prior to them for lack of support. He’s Fox News’ latest hire as a contributor.


Personally, I think we need to be more concerned about aliens on this planet–particularly in the WH.