Sad thoughts on the 4th


For over 225 years our nation’s military has served this country proudly - our fighting men and women have pulled this nation’s ass out of the fire repeatedly - Europe likewise.

However, on this July 4th - unlike any other I have seen in my 72 years - I look around and see a nation in complete disarray. No, make that utter chaos and turmoil on every level.

Dishonesty and unethical behavior has always been a part of the human condition and it shall always be so. However, over the last 4 decades these human foibles have been practiced to the point they have now become an art form - the “new normal”. And it is both inescapable and unacceptable - and yet, as a people, we seem all too willing to pretend it doesn’t exist, tune in the Kardasians and/or simply accept it.

At the present time we have a former president, Bill Clinton, who appointed our nation’s current AG, Loretta Lynch, to the District Court of New York 20 years ago. We have a president, Barack Obama, who appointed Ms. Lynch to be the nation’s Attorney General and to, among other things, oversee investigations of past/present members of his administration and their actions.

President Obama wants Hillary Clinton to become the next President in spite of her being the subject of a criminal investigation, in spite of Benghazi - he wants his “legacy” preserved and moved forward.

Hillary Clinton has been under criminal investigation by the AG/Justice Department/FBI for well over a year for exposing US secret documents and emails over a private server she had set up in her home - one owned by her and her husband, Bill Clinton. The investigation has dragged out specifically due to her stonewalling, demonstrable lying and her State Department’s lack of cooperation in turning over subpoenaed materials.

Last week, AG Lynch took a private meeting with Bill Clinton, himself the focus along with his wife,Hillary, of a parallel investigation regarding the Clinton Foundation - a foundation largely funded by foreign donations from nations harboring, if not outright sponsoring, Islamic terrorists.

And all of this investigative work is being supervised/presided over by none other than the Obama appointee, Loretta Lynch - the individual FBI Director, James Comey, answers to.

The level of duplicitous, unethical behavior, along with the appearance of impropriety and conflict of interest in this matter cannot be overstated. The entire investigative process stinks like crap. It is tainted beyond repair.

In spite of the on-going conduct by the Clintons the chances of a criminal indictment against Hillary, we are told, rests on the shoulders of one man - FBI Director, James Comey - whom we are assured by our government officials is above reproach.

To which I say, BULLSHIT!! I have yet to see/hear any government official associated with this case, or any other recent case handled by the Justice Department, who can be counted upon to level with the nation. Remember “Fast And Furious”, the IRS debacle - how about the two Black Panthers intimidation of voters in 2008 in Philadelphia? No action by the Attorney General on any of this. The administration was allowed by the Justice Department (Attorney General) to stonewall their way out of one scandalous mess after another.

As with all of the long list of investigations under this administration I find it impossible to believe that the scales of justice aren’t heavily weighted in favor of the “home team” - I see NOTHING to suggest anything significant will come of the email probe. The findings will probably note she shouldn’t have used a private server, but she had no INTENT to expose state secrets on her “home brew”, non-secure device. In short, nothing to see here!!

So, it is with heavy heart that I am going on the record to say this on July 4th: Should this Clinton travesty end up as all recent investigative travesties have ended - without accountability and with no bill of indictment - I will hereby declare that if I were of military age I would NOT serve. If I had children of military age I would encourage them NOT to serve.

There is no way I would fight and lay down my life in order to preserve this level of bullshit and the freedoms of those 51% of the people who don’t give a rat’s ass!! This is a bridge too far.

That’s my line in the sand - my bill of no confidence in our government or those who serve in it!! Specifically Barack Obama and, should she capture the presidency, Hillary Clinton…


I’m not ready yet to give up hope. I attended a concert last night by the Oklahoma City Philharmonic Orchestra, followed by a great fireworks display. There were several thousand in attendance including myself, my wife, our daughter and her date. When they played a medley of military anthems, as each service’s anthem was played, veterans of that service stood at attention and there were hundreds of us. When a local singer rendered both verses of the National Anthem, everyone stood, doffed their hats and held their hands over their hearts. It was very inspiring.


You are not just RIGHT, but far from alone in your thinking.

We are past the tipping point and we are seeing history in the making. Our grandchildren will study this in school (we hope) and it will talk about how the greatest nation on earth, that did more in its last 50 healthy years (1940-1990) than all the countries in the world combined did in all of history combined. Yet we fell faster than the Hindenburg with a belly full of Hydrogen. The real subject will be why and how.

There will be many books and papers written on this but it will boil down to only 2 things:

  1. We allowed it to, just like parents with an undisciplined child, he got that way because they failed.

  2. We allowed the US Constitution and our Bible to be taken away.

Our political system is based solely upon people of strength, character, morals, ethics and the trident of God, Country, Family (in that order) that was passed down from our founding fathers, to our fathers father and finally to us and by the time it reached us there were not enough of us left to carry it, the few that have are the last of the last.

History again because the ‘tale of the tape’, every single country that has been great and fallen has done so due to the love of one’s self over the love of the country. When you become your only God you fail. Every country that fails shows the same signs to the world. GBLTQ becomes the fashion, the trend, nothing become scared, the collective turning its back on God and in the case of Muslims, believing in a false prophet.

We have allowed Harry Reid, Pelosi, Obama, Holder, Lynch and the list is a mile long to run amuck, to run our govt into the ground, to make laws as they see fit, to ignore the Constitution, we have no one to blame but ourselves. History will ask why, with the 2nd Amendment behind them did they not take action like their forefathers did in the 1700’s…now, its too late, the milk is spilling from the bottle already and will soon hit the floor.


Don, I hope you and I are proven wrong. Not much left to say.


I’m sure it was inspiring - But, you were in Oklahoma, Dave.


Mike, my best friend was a Doc, he was the Surgeon General. Often he would come with me on one of my annual trips up to Boston for the big IT show and it was a 12 hr drive. He was very conservative and we would talk the whole time. He saw all this coming, I am amazed at his perception of how why America was going to fall. He did miss the timeframe. He thought the Liberals would not get the death grip on his until much later, he thought it would move slower, the thinking was in the 2020’s. He also thought it would due to our welfare state and creeping socialism (free lunch)…he was right!


Well Don, perhaps our voters will walk back from the abyss, but I’m no more optimistic than you. The problem is, I’m not certain Trump is all that much help. On the other hand, perhaps he’s the wildcard that’s needed - I’m a half-way decently educated man and I just have to shake my head. I’ve had a good life - my son and his family - the granddaughters - well, they have their whole lives ahead of them.


The only thing we can hope for us that it might slow down with Trump. With Hillary we can be 100% sure that it will get worse and will probably accelerate. She is incompetent, lazy, dishonest and worst of all for sale to any person or nation who is willing to pony up a few or several million for her services. Who knows? Maybe she’ll hold an auction on eBay if competing interests are vying for her favors. :freaked:

It is hard to believe that this profoundly nasty woman supported Barry Goldwater in 1964. I guess some of us change, some for the better, and some for the worse.


Trump holds I believe and Ace card and yes it may be his only one, but its a good one: Trump is a capitalist and anyone who is even a modicum of a capitalism despises socialism, free lunch attitudes. They believe in hard work. The Klintons, Gores and many in poltics are nothing but blood sucking parasites on our country and its economy. They make nothing, have no idea how to run a business that contributes to society, they are the worst kind of people…and they are worth over $1 BILLION from graf, theft, selling favors to countries that would kill us all, they don’t care as long as they have.

Everytime I hear that woman say “I’m Fighting for you” I think of Benghazi, if she fights for me like she fought for them we are doomed…


I have nothing to add to this, except that I agree - America is imploding and we are watching it.

We allowed the Left to take control of the schools, government bureaucracy and media. From there, it was only a matter of time.

Now we are watching an accelerated death. The life-denying, chaos-craving Left has planted so many land mines there’s no stopping it - if socialism, by demand of the young, doesn’t reduce us to starvation, as it always does, then the Iranian crazies, with nuclear and missile technology PURCHASED from money our African traitor Preezy LET THEM HAVE…will do it.

China is on the move. I expect, if we have either State Secession and FedGov military challenge, the Chinese will come in - as “peacekeepers.” We will not see them leave for centuries, if ever.

Meantime, the Latinos are moving in with enough numbers to form a nation. Which is their plan. And the nation they form will be JUST LIKE the one they left - only, if one can judge by their own nature, a violently-racist anti-white one, probably Communist or neo-Communist.

It really is over. From what I sense, I think Billary wins this one. That will just pump up the chaos; turn us into a true police state and bring the collapse that the Chinese and Mexican invaders are waiting for.

This is the start of a new Dark Ages. Happy Fourth, all.


FBI Director, Comey, announced he will speak publically this morning at 11 am Eastern time.

One would assume the topic will focus on the FBI criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton. Whether this signals the announcement regarding investigative results isn’t clear, but I think Obama has known what the results of the investigation will be for some weeks - at least before he announced he will campaign for and with Clinton in North Carolina - campaigning which begins today. There is no way he would appear with her if an indictment were pending.

Clearly the fix has been in - the results preordained.

We have a nation of the stupid led by the corrupt.


Everything about the Left movement, now, in the past and in all of known history is the singular capstone of it being based upon a lie. You like and lie and lie, you lie about the lies, you coverup the lie with another lie and the result is that everything you say is a lie, you paint pretty pictures of hope and change, free for everyone, don’t worry be happy and if it feels good do it, there are NO repercussions, just be what you want to be. Wake up feeling like a woman, no problem, just go to work in a dress and dare anyone to say anything, its your right, your entitlement, your free to do as you please. Got no money, got bills, don’t worry we will take it from the rich and give it to you, after all they need to pay their fair share and since you are a victim they owe you.

There is nothing a liberal fears more than the hard truth, they run and hide from it like a vampire hides from the Holy Cross because the results are the same.

Want to see the future, we can, go to any state or city that has been led by the far left and see what has happened there, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and look at the states, corruption, graf…failure, the road we are on.


All I know is that Trump now has the Ace card he needs to defeat Hilary. She is, literally, a criminal that is above the law. If Trump does not use this to his advantage then he is a fool and this nation deserves the SOB that is Hilary.

Disappointed does not even begin to describe my current feelings.