Salute to Veterans


Hello to everyone,

I am not usually inclined to talk about myself. I suppose that my views on political issues may be interpreted as either liberal or conservative, depending on the reader. I’m an American veteran, a college student and an artist. I study art, film, psychology and political science, but am interested in nearly all subjects. My intention is to read and learn from other people’s views about the issues which they find important, and occasionally contribute to the conversation.

  1. What state do you vote in? California for now, but I’ve lived all over the US.
  2. Are you, or were you ever a member of the armed forces? Yes, US Army, honorable discharge in 1999.
  3. Does your username have any meaning? No.
  4. What are 3 or more of your favorite books (not necessarily in order)? The United States Constitution, Rights of Man by Thomas Paine, and the Autobiography of Mother Jones.
  5. What is the most important topic for you in the next election? America.
  6. How long have you been lurking around the forums before signing up? Not long.

And our younger members would like to know:
7) What is your favorite music? Beethoven and Tool.
8) What galaxy are you from? The Milky Way.
9) What are your favorite video games? Art, knowledge and wisdom.

So that’s about it for my introduction. There are enough problems in the world already, so I try not to cause any more.


Welcome, enjoy the site. Be sure to fill out the Survey, under your post count in your post headers.
Also, be sure to read the Survival Guide:

I see you did well, and did ^this^ before even being told about it. Good good.
My first enlistment ended in 99 also. I put the uniform back on after Sept 11th though.

Marine Corps here, worked with all branches at my last duty station, CENTCOM.

Enjoy the site!


Thanks for your service and welcome aboard. Have you been a student since 1999 or is this something new for you?


Thank You for your service.



Welcome and thank you for your service!


Hi and welcome! Former Navy here ('83-'89).


I enlisted after a year of college, then moved around the country after I got out. Since I didn’t enlist again after 9/11, I’ve felt like I should at least do something to help during the war so I volunteer with veterans’ advocacy groups while I’m not working or in school. In case anyone hasn’t heard, the overall state of our veterans in the US is pretty dismal. A few statistics that I’ve recently read are very troubling. 47% of homeless men in America are Vietnam veterans. The current suicide rate of OEF/OIF vets has risen to 22 per day. The VA is so backlogged with new applications for disabilities that some veterans have waited almost ten years for approval.

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if you are Republican or Democrat or Green, it doesn’t matter if you’re white or brown or black, it doesn’t matter if you’re Christian or Muslim or Jew, gay or straight, or male or female. With as much money as we have in the defense budget, we should be able to take care of the men and women who make up our national defense when their service is done. This is one issue which I think every American voter should be able to agree on.

Aside from that, hello again to everyone. Sorry for the rant.


Saddening stats, thanks for sharing. Any options for a John Doe to help out from remote locations?


Thank you for your service and welcome!
Out of curiosity have you also read Agrarian Justice?


Welcome to RO and thank you for your service!



And thank you for your service!