Salvation Army Wants Something From You



Salvation Army USA’s Reply

Let’s Go Brandon


My wife and I have contributed to the Salvation Army at Christmas time every year since we have been married, for 37 years. This year, she ripped their contribution request in half and threw it in the trash.

Maybe if they see their contributions drop, they will get the message, but probably not. They will chalk it up to “racism and White privilege,” and cite that as one piece of evidence for their far-left positions.

Well, at least now the left and right can unite on hating the salvation army. Welcome to the party.

Yea, I know that the left has hated the Salvation Army for many years. George Bernard Shaw went after them in “Major Barbara.” The far left dislikes charities because they do what they think the government would be doing if the government were in complete control.

The truth is socialism makes poverty universal, except for high government officials. The Biden, Clinton, Sanders and Pelosi crime families are the American pioneers in that movement.

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Ehhhh, in this case specifically it’s got more to do with their history of treatment towards lgbt communities. Plus they’re not by the strictest definition a “charity” they’re a church, and they switch hats as it becomes advantageous.

Ahh yes, the LGBT community. Acceptance and tolerance is not enough. We have to embrace them and accept every outrageous demand they make. We must welcome trans males, who still have their genitalia, into women’s restrooms and locker rooms. If one them is a phony who assaults a woman, you are called a bigot for complaining about it and advocating sensible policies. This sick and despicable.

My daddy was a blank check Democrat who voted for everyone they nominated. He lived in Delaware and LOVED Joe Biden. He carried signs for him. Yet, mention gays to him, and you would have heard a ten minute tirade that would have gladdened the heart of a fire and brimstone, fundamentalist minister.

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1 No, when you get issue hustlers claiming that working poor are treated like crap, you get the Soviet Union, Cuba, Red China, etc.
2 Hogwash! The welfare state is exactly what gives power to the government, and that’s exactly what the despots want!

This actually looks encouraging. They removed that document for review. It may have been a woke element in the Salvation Army that tried to push this through and hope that it would stick (or, if they’re on the take from outside the organization, that it would hurt the Salvation Army).

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The Salvation Army makes me sick because they have the word salvation in it and Christians have basically commandeered that word.