R.I.P Samspade

He last posted two days before his death in February 25, 2017. It must have been sudden. I knew that he had some health issues typical of someone on their late 60’s. He had also developed some more serious heart related issues that seemed to be under control.


Lot more in the link including his obituary.

I know it is late news, but another forum wanted the sad news posted here.

The link does not work because I am not a member of that forum. They come off like they are a belligerent secret society. I guess they don’t want any outsiders to know about this late gentleman.

RIP samspade


Perhaps you should copy and paste his life history. The link is not friendly.

The link is fine, but it is for members only, I forgot that, sorry.

Here is the obituary:

Samspade, age 69, passed away at his home on February 27, 2017. He was born on April 13, 1947 to his mother and his father. Samspade worked for Ace Hardware for many years before moving on to care for patients at a local Developmental Center. He was generous with his time and resources, and loved to share jokes with his family members. He found joy in debating his political views with the world on the internet. Samspade was an avid and self-taught computer user, and he went out of his way to learn everything he could about them. His handyman skills came in useful when fixing up his own home as well as the homes of friends and family members. He will be remembered for his frequent and hilarious use of the phrase, “I got up in there”. Samspade will be joining some family in the afterlife: FAMILY, FRIEND, AND LOCATION INFO REMOVED. Friends and family are welcome.


We did hear about it here; I don’t remember where the thread is.

Okay, I wasn’t paying attention when I said I didn’t know where the thread was.